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Fashion fans race to Primark to snap up new pyjamas – and they say they’re even better than posh SKIMS

STYLE fans are going totally wild over the new pyjama range at Primark, with some even comparing them to expensive SKIMS dupes.

The temperatures are dropping and the dreaded winter is lurking around the corner and it means only one thing – snapping up cosy PJs to keep warm during the cold evenings.

Unlike the posh version by SKIMS which sells for £118, the dupe at Primark is £15[/caption]
Bambi couldn’t stop raving about the quality, which she reckoned was better than Kim K’s SKIMS[/caption]

Luckily, if you’re on the lookout for a new set, then best keep reading, as one Primark fanatic reckons she’s found the best pyjamas that are even better than high-end SKIMS by Kim Kardashian.

The fashionista, only known as Bambi Does Beauty on TikTok, said the always sold-out Soft Touch Print Boyfriend PJs were finally back in stock and were available in a number of colours.

According to Bambi, who had snapped up a set in grey, as well as black, Primark offer the sleeping must-have in navy too.

Meanwhile, those shopping online can also treat themselves to the £15 pyjamas in a heart print, as well as a fun polka dot design.

However, Bambi also advised to be careful when finding the best-fitting set, as the sizing is all over the place.

She warned in the video: ”Primark, I will say though, they are ready to humble you with their sizes.

”So go a size up at least once or twice.”

After trying on the comfy set, which she had purchased in a size Large, Bambi said she even preferred them to expensive SKIMS loungewear.

”Primark pyjamas >>> come through with the SKIMS dupe.”

Although some shoppers were put off by the price tag, the fashionista said it was worth every penny, especially when you want to appear more stylish.


”I wear PJs day and night cause I work from home and they just make me feel more put together than my other PJs.”

Sharing her thoughts on the buy, Bambi added that these pyjamas were also of good quality, as they don’t shrink in the wash and the buttons were still all intact.

”I’ve spent £70 on posh ones where the button came off after one wear,” she noted.

Need more convincing to grab a set this weekend? Hundreds of shoppers raved about the pyjamas in the comments, with one writing: ”I love them!

”And yes, they’re worth £15 for anyone unsure – they’re so soft.”

Another agreed, adding: ”They’re so comfortable. Maybe I’ve lost weight because I thought the sizing was pretty consistent.”

”Omg, I got them today for the first time and now I understand the hype,” a third chimed in.

However, there were also a few negative reviews, with cusomters mainly complaining about the quality.

”You can’t tell me they’re not itchy,” one said.

”I’m never falling for Primark again. Their quality is atrocious, materials are just bad and stitching comes apart after two washe,” someone else warned.

”They’re so nice at first but wash terribly,” read another negative rating.


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Infinity according to Jorge Luis Borges - Ilan Stavans

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Snowy Cabin in Norway, Wind and Fireplace Sounds for Sleep and Study

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