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Pink will release brand new music in November after huge success of ninth album Trustfall

PINK already has one of the best-selling records of the year thanks to her ninth album Trustfall.

But I can reveal that while the US singer may have already wrapped up a stunt-packed UK summer tour in support of the record, she is not quite ready to look to the future just yet.

Pink will be releasing new material on the back of a deluxe edition of her hugely successful Trustfall album[/caption]

Instead, she will release a bumper deluxe edition of the album in November, complete with a string of emotional new tracks.

A source said: “Trustfall is one of Pink’s most ­personal records in a long time so when it came to cutting the original track list she really struggled.

“It’s been such a good year for her with both the album and the tour, and she felt like she wanted to give fans a little bit more.

“The new songs are really emotional and people are going to love them.”

When it was released in ­February, Trustfall became Pink’s fourth UK No1 album.

The record featured collaborations with First Aid Kit, Chris Stapleton and The Lumineers.

I have no doubt this new release will be like Christmas has come early for fans.

HER latest single My Love is becoming a certified earworm, and it seems Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s twin girls can’t get it out of their heads either.

The former Little Mix singer said the tots had started singing along after she played it so many times at home.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast, Leigh-Anne said: “They literally sing it word for word.”

X-rated Doja’s troll blast

DOJA CAT appears to have taken a leaf out of the Kanye West female style guide after going out in an extraordinarily revealing outfit at New York Fashion Week.

Onlookers didn’t know where to look as Doja Cat marched out of a New York Fashion Week bash in a see-through top and trousers[/caption]

The Say So singer was photographed leaving the Ned NoMad hotel after making an appearance at designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ssense party in a sheer bra top and see-through trousers.

Onlookers didn’t know where to look as she marched out of the bash, which featured star guests including US rapper Ice Spice.

Her appearance came after Doja blasted online trolls for criticising her music.

She said: “People don’t wanna accept I’m dissing them so they try to pin it on Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion and every other female rapper.

“I don’t diss rappers – I diss critics.

“Stay bored. Stay reaching.

“I don’t diss people who don’t attack and harass me every day.

“Y’all are the problem.”


IF there was an award for money-grabbing ex-partners, I think Britney Spears’ former husband Kevin Federline might be right up there.

The singer has been forking out a reported £30,000 a month to Kevin for their upkeep of their teen sons Sean Preston and Jayden.

Now it’s reported ex-dancer Kevin is going to be asking for even more cash after he claimed the deal was originally cut based on him sharing custody with Britney.

He argues that because he is the sole carer for the boys, who live with him in Hawaii, he deserves more of the pop star’s cash.

Call me a sceptic, but given that Britney will stop having to pay maintenance for Sean Preston after he turns 18 on Thursday, I wonder if Kevin only wants an increase because he’s suddenly going to be £15k-a-month out of pocket.

I get how expensive kids can be.

But Kev just needs to get a job and stop leeching.

THEY are taking a short break from work after joining the ongoing actors’ strike in the US.

But Emma Corrin said that despite the downtime, they are already feeling the heat ahead of starting production on the next Deadpool film.

The non-binary Crown actor will take on the role of an evil villain in the third film in the Ryan Reynolds franchise.

Emma said: “I’m really nervous about it – more than most things I’ve done . . .

“But it’s good to get completely out of your comfort zone.”

Weddy, steady, show!

A couple had a wedding they will never forget, thanks to Ed Sheeran
Ed turned up at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas – famous for its Elvis Presley-style weddings – with his guitar and four backing singers
Ed’s gatecrashing came after he was forced to axe a huge concert in Sin City with just an hour’s notice due to safety fears[/caption]

A COUPLE had a wedding they will never forget, thanks to Ed Sheeran.

The singer walked into their ceremony unannounced before singing his new song Magical – a track from his upcoming album Autumn Variations – for the stunned bride and groom and their shell-shocked guests.

He turned up at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas – famous for its Elvis Presley-style weddings – with his guitar and four backing singers.

Ed’s gatecrashing came after he was forced to axe a huge concert in Sin City with just an hour’s notice due to safety fears.

Two steel towers at the gig had shifted when rubber tiling became unstuck, forcing Ed to cancel.

He promised ticket holders a full refund or the opportunity to see him again at the same venue next month.

Rafael Pavarotti / Dazed
Spanish pop star Rosalia goes for gold with this bra and skirt[/caption]
Mert Alaş
The look was similar to that of model Kaia Gerber’s gold bra and skirt from Paco Rabanne[/caption]
Rafael Pavarotti / Dazed
Rosalia donned risqué nipple pasties for a new interview with Dazed mag, in which she opened up about her fashion choices[/caption]

THEY say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And it seems Spanish pop star Rosalia was so taken by model Kaia Gerber’s gold bra and skirt from Paco Rabanne that she had to try the look too.

She donned risqué nipple pasties for a new interview with Dazed mag, in which she opened up about her fashion choices.

Rosalia said: “If I don’t commit to a single style, I can keep learning and growing by doing all of them.

“I love the idea of not being in a specific place because then I can occupy all of them.

“If I was locked in just one place, I couldn’t learn about all the other places I go – I couldn’t learn new ways to get there.”

AFTER landing hits with Robbie Williams, The Vaccines and Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue still has a number of big-name stars she wants to work with.

When asked about her future collaborators, the Aussie star said: “Beyonce, Rihanna, Harry Styles – all of them.

“I’ve done some amazing collaborations and they seem to appear when the planets are in line, so I’m totally open.

“It’ll probably be something completely unexpected.”

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