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Coronation Street reveals new villain who will terrorise the children on the street – and he’s got a very famous dad

CORONATION Street has revealed a new villain who will terrorise the children on the Cobbles – and he has a famous dad.

The ITV soap has confirmed The Sun’s previous exclusive that Luca Toolan, 19, is joining the show as Weatherfield High’s Year 11 bad boy Mason.

Luca Toolan will play new Corrie villain Mason
Luca Toolan will play new Corrie villain Mason

Coronation Street viewers get their first glimpse at Mason in tonight’s episode, with Mason being one of the students making fun of Ruby Dobbs.

And it sets him on a collision course with fire-starter and daughter of a serial killer Hope Stape as she defends her sister.

It doesn’t stop there though as things are set to get worse when Mason quickly takes Dylan Wilson – played by Liam McCheyne – under his wing and targets Liam Connor as their new victim.

Will Dylan realise how dangerous Mason’s influence is before it’s too late?

In the coming months, Mason’s torment of Liam will escalate, setting not only the pupils but the parents against each other with Sean, Maria and Gary pointing the finger of blame at each other’s sons.

Speaking about his role, Luca – whose dad is radio DJ Mike Toolan – teased how dark the storyline will get.

He said: “All I really knew was that he is a bad guy.

” I found out about the extent of the storyline on my first day through Liam and Charlie as they were given a lowdown as to what’s happening.

“They told me it was going to get dark. It’s exciting to be here but there’s also more pressure and responsibility to do this storyline justice.”

Luca won the part after submitting a self-tape and being called in to audition with co-star Charlie – but he didn’t tell a soul until he got the part.

Although that day was tinged with sadness as his dog died in the morning.

“It was such a difficult day because my dog had died in the morning and I’d literally been at the vet crying whilst putting them down,” he said.

“A few hours later we went out for a pub lunch to cheer us up and my agent called me and said ‘I’ve got some good news‘.

“As soon as she said that I knew it. Corrie has always been on my horizon, I’ve always said I wanted to be in it and then when they finally tell you that you’ve got the part, it was insane.”

He added: “First thing I did was rang my dad.

“I didn’t actually tell anybody about anything, not even the first self-tape, because I’m very superstitious.

“I also didn’t tell him about the screen test so he was surprised. Obviously he knows I’m into acting, but he was like, ‘What? What do you mean?’

“Because usually I tell him about all my auditions, and this was the first one I didn’t. He was just in complete shock.

“He knows how much of a big deal it is and understands how lucky I am to be in the position that I am. 


Everything you need to know about Coronation Street

“I also rang my Grandma as she is a massive Corrie fan, she didn’t believe it and thought I was pulling her leg!”

Luca will make his debut on Coronation Street tonight.


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