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I was turned away from a restaurant over my denim shorts – people are outraged, it wouldn’t have happened if I was a man

A FASHION girl has been turned away from a restaurant because of her attire.

Although there was nothing on the website that mentioned a rule against denim, her jean shorts were the culprit – and viewers don’t get it.

A woman was left furious with a restaurant who denied her indoor access because of her outfit
TikTok @brittnijoy
Not wanting to ruin the night, she was forced to head back home and change into a skirt
TikTok @brittnijoy

TikToker and style guru Brittni Joy (@brittnijoy) filmed herself back at home, changing her outfit after a host denied her access to the restaurant.

“So, the restaurant wouldn’t let me in in my denim shorts,” she began in the clip.

Brittni revealed the dress-coded outfit in full: a silk black tank, black cut-off jean shorts with a gold chain belt, and sky-high black stilettos.

“We could sit outside, but hello it’s f**king hot.”

Although she was likely looking forward to the night out with her stepcousin, the two of them quickly grew irritated that the restaurant forced them to sit outside.

“We sat down and [my stepcousin] was like, ‘I’m not happy.’

“The server came around and she didn’t even acknowledge me. She only looked at him.

“Didn’t even look at me for a drink order or anything.”

Furious with the rude treatment toward Brittni, her stepcousin got up and talked to the server, who informed him about the rule.

“And [the server] was letting guys in in jean shorts, but mine weren’t OK.

“So, I pulled up the dress code on the restaurant site, and it says nothing about cut-off denim of any kind.

“But we were sitting outside, and I was like, ‘Listen, I’m just going to go home and change.’”

Knowing that the extreme heat outside would affect their moods, she went home to put together a look that would be allowed entry indoors.

“I walked my a** home and now we have to change.”

Keeping the same top on, she slipped into an orange midi skirt and black boots.

“There’s a part of me that wants to show up in sneakers, but we’re not going to be petty because I’m not doing this again – even though I know my sneakers would be fine.”

Brittni then let out her feelings toward the restaurant, saying the treatment was uncalled for.

“Here’s the thing. If I had shown up in those cut-off shorts and a sports bra with a tank top over it and sandals – yeah, obviously.

“But I was dressed up. I had on a silk top, I had heels on, I got makeup on, like I looked good.

“But then, you let guys in with shorts, like really?”

She said there are multiple restaurants that don’t allow men in shorts but would happily welcome her in hers.

“But also, because the dress code on the site didn’t say anything about shorts.”

Viewers were just as angry as she.

“You look amazing in both outfits, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the first one for a late summer dinner,” one person wrote.

“Sounds like they were jealous of you because that all black outfit was really IT! Loved it,” defended another.

“Wild because I loved that first outfit,” a third chimed in.

As for the outfit that got her the boot, it involved a pair of cut-off black denim shorts
TikTok @brittnijoy

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