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I’m a bodybuilder – people are stunned to hear I’ve given birth to five kids, I’m in the best shape of my life

A MOM of five turned bodybuilder has shocked strangers with her amazing physique.

Brenna Callahan, 38, is in the best shape of her life after carrying her children, including two-year-old twins.

Mother of five Brenna Callahan followed her dream of bodybuilding after having her children
The fitness fanatic made changes to her lifestyle after she lost her sense of identity as a mother

After feeling like she lost her identity since becoming a mom, Brenna began competing in bodybuilding competitions.

More confident than ever, she shared her love for the glitz, glam, and pageantry of the shows.

Brenna wants to prove to other moms that their life doesn’t end when they have children.

The social media manager and personal trainer from California explained: “I was a keen highland dancer until I fell pregnant with my first child when I was 28.

“My husband, Sean-Michael, and I always knew we wanted to have more kids.

“I stepped away from work to be a stay-at-home mom while we grew our family.”

Together the couple share nine-year-old Keane, seven-year-old Eire, four-year-old Maeve, and two-year-old twins Tadhg and Shaegh.

Brenna continued: “After having our third baby, I had an epiphany that I had given up my own identity, and my new one was just being a mom.

“It felt like I had lost myself, and I became so frail, super small, and skinny.

“After Maeve was born, I decided to start working out but because I didn’t understand the nutritional side, I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted to.

“After giving birth to the Tadhg and Shaegh, I gave myself some time to heal before reaching out to my coach, Michelle MacDonald.”

With Michelle’s help, Brenna has “been working on getting a stronger physique and being more muscular and dense.”

Brenna has competed in two bodybuilding competitions, where she placed first and second[/caption]
Before she became a stay-at-home mom, Brenna worked as a social media manager and personal trainer

She explained: “I follow a macro-based diet and weight train five days a week.

“I’m in the best shape of my life and compete in physique competitions now.”

Brenna revealed that she has competed in two competitions so far.

“My first was in December 2022 where I took first place and won my pro card in the 35+ bikini category, and my pro debut was in May this year where I came second in the 35+ bikini category,” she explained.

“I feel incredible, I get stopped at least once a day and asked if I am the true birth-giving mother of my five children, people can’t believe it.”

As a busy mom, Brenna rarely gets the chance to get dressed up and have her hair and make-up done, so she loves having the chance to get glammed up and show off her incredible figure on stage.

Brenna and her husband Sean-Michael share five children together, including two-year-old twins

She said that her identity is no longer in the back seat and feels in control of her life again.

Brenna said: “I was surprised how calm I was when I walked out on stage for the first time, stepping out felt like nothing else in the world existed.

“I put in so much hard work to be there and defied all the odds.”

Brenna explained that she is often put in a certain category because of her age and because she’s a mother.

She explained: “It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many kids you have, everyone deserves to have their happiness.

“Society makes women, especially moms, feel like after a certain age you shouldn’t have dreams or goals.”

The bodybuilder said she has never felt better or more confident

Brenna continued: “It’s like your first and only priority should be being a mother.

“It’s hands down my priority but I shouldn’t be put in a box because of this.”

Brenna explained that she wants to inspire her kids by following her dream.

She explained: “I feel more secure and confident than ever before, it has changed how I carry myself.

“It was difficult to get into the routine to start with because I came from sleeping in as long as I could and letting my kids wake me up.”

Brenna began implementing changes to make her bodybuilding dream a reality.

She said: “Now I get up before my kids and prioritize my sleep so I go to bed earlier so I can fit more into my day.”

The bodybuilder added: “I’m currently prepping for a competition at the end of the year, so I am in a building phase and growing muscle.

“Bodybuilding has helped me find my identity and satisfy my hunger for competition.

“The competitions are for the WBFF Federation, so it’s all about stage presence, physique, glitz, glamour, and pageantry, it’s amazing.”

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