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The Ultimate +1200 Same Game Parlay for Monday Night

The first Monday Night Football of the NFL season is here, and it should be a good one. The New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers debut in the Big Apple, welcoming in the reigning AFC East champion Buffalo Bills.

If you’re looking for a Same Game Parlay for tonight, look no further. We worked up a +1200 banger that has no chance of losing.

Check out SportsGrid’s NFL game picks and NFL Props Picks all Season Long.

  • Leg 1: New York Jets +7.5

Two New York teams can’t be embarrassed on back-to-back nights, right? The Jets come into this season with their highest expectations in over a decade, and I refuse to believe they’ll roll over and die. I like the Jets to win this game outright despite being a home underdog, but I want to maximize value here. For this play, I’ll be teasing the Jets six points to give them a 7.5-point edge, giving me that coveted touchdown cushion. If the Jets lose by more than a touchdown, Metlife might burn down, so let’s not make that happen.

  • Leg 2: Josh Allen OVER 35.5 Rushing Yards

Another season is upon us, and the Bills still lack a commanding running attack to complement Josh Allen and the passing attack. Despite the depth chart propping up James Cook as the RB1 in this offense, until further notice, it’s Allen. Last season, Allen surpassed this 35.5 number in 11 of 16 contests and averaged 66.5 in two games against the Jets. The value is there, so we’ll back this play as offered.

  • Leg 3: Gabe Davis 25+ Receiving Yards

Sauce Gardner vs. Stefon Diggs will be an epic matchup to watch, but certainly not one we want to bet on necessarily. That said, we’re looking to play it safe with Gabe Davis. Last season, Davis went 25+ yards in 13 of 15 games and in both contests against the Jets. He should warrant at least five targets for us and could easily reach that number in a single catch. With Diggs potentially locked up, Davis will be the next best option.

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  • Leg 4: Allen Lazard 25+ Receiving Yards

Allen Lazard comes to the Jets from the Green Bay Packers with Rodgers, and if there is one thing we know about Rodgers, it’s that he likes his guys. While Garrett Wilson is the featured weapon in this offense, the chemistry between Lazard and Rodgers will make an impact regardless. Last year, Lazard notched 25+ yards in 12 of 15 games, earning himself a spot in this epic parlay.

  • Leg 5: Garrett Wilson 50+ Receiving Yards

Sticking in the Jets wide receiver room, while Lazard brings reliability, Garrett Wilson packs all the hype. The reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year reportedly has built an incredible rapport with Rodgers and is expected to take off as one of the best wide receivers this season. To add to the hype, last season against the Bills, Wilson averaged 85 yards over two games with subpar quarterback play. Imagine the damage he can do against this defense with Rodgers. I was tempted to put Wilson’s prop of 69.5 in here, but I don’t want to back two receiving props simultaneously; 50+ is much safer.

  • Leg 6: Garrett Wilson Anytime TD

To carry on the Garrett Wilson train, there is no way this dude isn’t finding the endzone. I imagine Rodgers throwing Wilson a back-shoulder fade in the corner of the endzone to cap off a commanding opening drive of the game. Wilson didn’t have dominant endzone production last year, but the Jets’ passing game was abysmal, and now, with Rodgers expected to throw for two touchdowns per game potentially, there is no way Wilson isn’t one of those.

All Odds Courtesy of Fanduel Sportsbook

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I’m a Ryder Cup legend who loves eating volcanic dust and regretted setting Tiger Woods up with his ex-wife

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