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Home Bargain shoppers swoop on £3 candles that smell just like Bath & Body Works’ posh £24 ones

THERE are few things that make your home feel more festive than the scent of Christmassy candles burning. 

The smell of gingerbread and candy canes immediately gets everyone feeling all snug when it’s cold outside. 

Shoppers are scrambling to home bargains to stock up on their £2.99 Christmas candles
Savvy customers say they’re a dead-on dupe of Bath & Body Work’s candles – just for around £25 less[/caption]

And savvy shoppers are delighted to have realised that they don’t need to fork out an arm and a leg to get their homes smelling lush over the next few months. 

Discounter Home Bargains is selling their own range of Christmas Candles – including the Xmassy scents Spiced Gingerbread, Evergreen Spruce, Candy Cane Delight and Nutcracker Spice – for just £2.99 each. 

They even come in gorgeous pastel and Christmassy colours to match your interior aesthetic, and each have a luxe silver lid and two wicks.  

A thrifty customer shared the find in the Facebook Group Extreme Couponing and Bargains, adding that they are a perfect dupe for Bath & Body Works’ collection of candles, which retail for between £23 and £30. 

That means the quick switch could save shoppers up to £27 – all the more important at Christmas time when every penny counts. 

Delighted shoppers flooded the posts with hundreds of likes and comments, with many writing that they’d be scheduling a trip to the bargain store as soon as possible. 

“Look at these, I need to try them,” one user wrote. 

“I need to get myself there and pick these up!” another added. 

“The candy cane one smells AMAZING,” a third helpful shopper testified. 

Some users thought it was a tiny bit premature to be stocking up on the festive scents, however. 

“It’s not even Halloween yet,” one joked, “I don’t want to hear about Christmas.” 

It’s not the only Home Bargains’ dupe that’s got shoppers rushing to the tills recently. 

Customers have been raving about the store’s £2.99 XAlien Body Mist, which is apparently a perfect swap for Mugler’s £87 Alien fragrance – a whopping saving of £84. 

Beauty fans are also in a tizz over Home Bargains’ £2.99 Red Ruby spritz, that apparently is a dead ringer for the £235 Baccarat Rouge scent.

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The Bath & Body Works version is both a lot harder to get hold of and a lot pricier[/caption]

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LIV Golf in hot water again, faces lawsuit from Adidas over logo trademark issue — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

News Every Day

7 small habits that will change your life forever

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LIV Golf in hot water again, faces lawsuit from Adidas over logo trademark issue

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