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A prospective Emirates flight attendant said she had her job offer rescinded after she disclosed a past eating disorder

Madison Kvaltin representing Canada, walks on a ramp at the 60th Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo, Japan, December 13, 2022.
Madison Kvaltin representing Canada, walks on a ramp at the 60th Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo, Japan, December 13, 2022.
  • Madison Kvaltin says she had a job offer as an Emirates flight attendant rescinded.
  • Kvaltin says the offer was taken away when she revealed she'd previously had an eating disorder.
  • The airline is known to have strict requirements including measuring staff's weight and BMI. 

A prospective flight attendant for Emirates says the airline revoked her job offer after she disclosed her previous struggles with an eating disorder, in a TikTok video posted in August. 

Madison Kvaltin, who won Miss Universe Canada in 2023, said that during her onboarding for a job at the airline, she was told she didn't meet some of the requirements to fit the role. 

Kvaltin began the TikTok video by saying: "I am disgusted at what I just went through and the process of being hired to one of the greatest, most prestigious airlines out there."

She explained that she endured a "lengthy" application process with Emirates before getting hired, and was going through the onboarding process where she had to submit a series of documents, including what she said was an extensive health screening document.

"Then they sent me this extremely detailed and intrusive health document that I had to submit all this information on my personal health and a lot of things that had nothing to do with my ability to complete the job," she said. 

"And so one of the questions was have you ever struggled with an eating disorder and as many of you may know I'm a pageant girl and all of my philanthropy is about eating disorder awareness as I struggled in my youth with a very severe eating disorder that had me hospitalized for a little while."

Kvaltin indicated in the form that she did previously experience an eating disorder, but had recovered and was well.

But a few days prior to posting the video she received an email saying she "didn't meet the precondition requirements and they are no longer onboarding me and so in the time the only thing that changed was I indicated that I struggle with an eating disorder." 

She added: "So I am disgusted that they are discriminating against me for struggling with an eating disorder that has nothing to do with completing the job of being a flight attendant." 

The video has received nearly 100,000 views and just over 300 comments commending her bravery in being honest about her situation. 

An Emirates spokesperson told Insider in a statement: "We cannot disclose nor discuss information relating to individual candidates who have applied for roles in our organisation."

Emirates is known for having a strict dress code and requirements of its flight attendants. Some former employees told Insider that this extended to measuring the weight and BMI of cabin crew who could be punished with pay cuts and job loss if they were deemed overweight.

Kvaltin did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. 

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