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Fan information on the game in Wolfsburg

TSG Hoffenheim will be away to VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday (15:30 CET / Live Ticker at tsg-hoffenheim.de). The Hoffenheim fan representatives have compiled the most important information on the match at the Volkswagen Arena below.

Travel and parking


Thanks to its close proximity to the city, the Volkswagen Arena is a short walk away from Wolfsburg's main train station/central bus station and from the city centre. It is therefore recommended to travel by public transport.


If you are coming from the A39 (Weyhausen exit), the Kästorf Park & Ride car park (3,200 parking spaces) is a good option. The address for your navigation system is: VW-Tor-Nord, 38440 Wolfsburg.

Cars and minibuses:

We recommend that fans arriving by car or minibus use either car parks P4, P5 + P6 in the Allerpark or the Kästorf Park & Ride car park.

Free shuttle buses will run from the Kästorf Park & Ride car park to the Volkswagen Arena at regular intervals.

The walk to the stadium from there takes about 15 minutes. Depending on demand, four to six shuttle buses will be in operation on match day starting 2 ¼ hours before kick-off, with a bus to the Volkswagen Arena running every 10 minutes.

The journey takes around five minutes. Once the match is over, the buses will depart the bus stop at Berliner Brücke for the Park & Ride car park as soon as they are full. The last bus will depart approximately 45 minutes after the final whistle.


Current information:

Since 01/11/2022, motor vehicles over 7.5t are no longer permitted to drive over the Berliner Brücke. In this case, it is necessary to travel via the B188.

Please use the following route: A39 to the Weyhausen exit. Take the exit onto the B188 and keep to the right. When you reach the Schlosspark, take the L322 exit. From there, follow the road to the Volkswagen Arena.

Further information

Fan paraphernalia

The following items are permitted in the away block for the game in Wolfsburg:

  • Small flags (max. 2m)
  • Double-holders
  • Fence flags (provided space is available)

Stadium opening and box office:

The stadium will open 90 minutes (14:00 CET) before the game.

The away ticket office will open two hours before kick-off on game day.

Entrance and blocks:

Standing places in Block 35

Seated places in Block 36


Payment is only possible in cashless form via EC card as well as credit card and Google or Apple Pay. You can also borrow and use a VfL-Pfandkarte for a fee of 2.

In the away area, beer will only be served outside in front of the Volkswagen Arena.

Blood alcohol limit:

Persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry to the Volkswagen Arena.

Bags and rucksacks:

It is possible to deposit items at the away entrance for a fee of €2.

Photo and video cameras:

It is not possible to bring professional photo cameras or video cameras with you.


Protective concept "Which way to Panama?"

On match day, helpers from "Team Panama" will be on the move around the stadium dressed in conspicuous pink jackets - and there will also be a safe room. Anyone affected by discrimination of any kind such as sexism, racism or queer hostility  can go there for support and assistance.

The most important info at a glance:

  • Code word: "Which way to Panama?"
  • Team Panama contact details: 0152-26343920 (reachable via SMS, WhatsApp or, in urgent cases, telephone on game day)

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This SSD Is Cooled With Solid-State Cooling

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This SSD Is Cooled With Solid-State Cooling

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