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I’m a fashion expert & there’s a summer look for EVERY body shape – plus how to make the most of your arms & bum

FORGET the bikini, these days you need a trikini to be on trend when it comes to swimwear.

Clemmie Fieldsend shows how celebs rock the three-piece look.

Ashley Roberts, 41, looked stylish in this green three-piece set that covered her legs[/caption]

Best for…legs

WHETHER on holiday or sunbathing in the park, sometimes there just hasn’t been enough time to get your legs looking how you want.

But if you have not waxed or had the chance to fake tan, a pair of trousers to match your swimmers will do the trick

Or, if the weather takes a turn for the worse, stay stylish in your matching bikini top, trousers and skirt, like singer Ashley Roberts, 41.

Best for…curves

SARONGS have certainly come a long way since the days of your mum wearing an ankle-length style in the back garden.

These days they are shorter, more flirty and fun, plus they are perfect for enhancing your curves.

Christine McGuinness, 35, wore this fun sarong set which helped define her hourglass shape

Christine McGuinness, 35, sits hers around the middle of the waist, creating a more defined hourglass shape on her hips and bum.

Best for…tummies

IF you are conscious of your stomach, a light and airy blouse like the one Vicky Pattison wears will do the trick.

Despite the 35-year-old not needing to cover up, an item like this is a great option for those of us who want to.

Vicky Pattison wore this airy blouse paired with a matching bikini which helped cover her stomach[/caption]

You can still bask in the sunshine, getting a golden glow on your bottom half, while feeling comfortable on top.

A shirt this stylish can also be worn on an excursion or in the evening to dinner.

Best for…delicate skin

WHETHER you get prickly heat or are just prone to getting burnt, sometimes you need to cover up from the sun.

Matching your swimwear to a floor-length kimono, like presenter Kate Lawler, 43, is a super-stylish way to protect your skin.

Kate Lawler donned this floor-length kimono with her matching bikini[/caption]

Plus should you feel chilly at night on holiday, you can wear this with your outfit as an evening cover-up.

Or belt it and you’ve got yourself a new frock.

Best for…arms

I’M A Celeb’s Myleene Klass keeps her cool in the sun with her own collection of swimwear from Next.

This set from the singer’s latest range with the high street retailer is great if you want to have something over your arms.

I’m A Celeb’s Myleene Klass looked great in this swimwear set which covered her arms[/caption]

Plus, as Myleene, 45, shows with layered accessories and gold jewellery, it is ideal for taking you from beach to bar without the need to change.

Best for…hair

DITCH that misshapen hat you’ve had for years and make like Maya Jama and get one that matches your swimwear.

There’s no point getting your tresses tamed or coloured for a holiday only to see them become damaged in the sun.

Maya Jama stunned in this blue bikini paired with a matching hat, protecting hair and skin[/caption]

For hair and skin protection, headgear is vital and presenter Maya, 28, has the right idea with her bucket hat.

It fits into hand luggage and looks trendy with your bikini poolside.


WANT to steal the celeb swimwear style of the summer?

Look no further as Abby McHale brings you the best of the High Street trikinis.

Ashley Roberts . . . legs

Pink shirt, £27.50, M&S
Pink trousers, £27.50, M&S
Pink bikini top, £25, M&S

Vicky Pattison . . . stomach

Floral bikini top, £17.99, H&M
Floral top, £12.99, H&M
Floral skirt, £17.99, H&M

Myleene Klass . . . arms

Printed shirt, £32, Myleene Klass at Next
Bikini top, £28, Myleene Klass at Next
Shorts, £20, Myleene Klass at Next

Christine McGuinness . . . curves

Bikini top, £7, Primark[/caption]
Bikini briefs, £7, Primark[/caption]
Sarong, £4, Primark
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The Memorable Cameo In The Little Mermaid Everyone Noticed

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