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I’m a ‘super-curvy’ Kardashian lookalike model with a G cup – I ‘ditched my high-flying career’ but now earn $1m a year

A SUPER-curvy Kardashian-esque model who claims she ditched a high-flying legal career to rake in $1million a year from OnlyFans has revealed her unusual job doesn’t put blokes off dating her.

Straight-A student Jazmen Jafar aced her exams and got a scholarship to a first-tier law school with ambitions to become a lawyer.

Kennedy Newsand Media
Jazmen Jafar had dreams of becoming a lawyer and was a straight-A student[/caption]
Kennedy Newsand Media
She achieved her goals and took a job as a licensed attorney in 2021[/caption]

After spending years beavering away on her studies and passing the bar, the petite brunette graduated in 2021 and took a job as a licensed attorney.

But the 9-5 grind soon became too much for the single 28-year-old and after six months she decided to ditch her burgeoning legal career for nude modeling.

The 5ft content creator said her decision initially didn’t go down well with her conservative Iranian parents and that it took them six months to come around to the idea.

But the self-professed ‘fun-sized’ model with natural G-cup boobs said it hasn’t ruined her love life.

And if any bachelors do have a problem with her career choice, which helps her rake in more than $1million a year, she concedes it gives her a chance to ‘weed them out early’.

Jazmen, from Los Angeles, California said: “It’s not impacted my dating life at all, there are plenty of people that have zero issues with it.

“People are generally supportive and for me, if they’re not, then that’s perfect because that means that we’re not going to be a good match.

“I think it’s really great that I started this single and I’m open and upfront about it so I can weed out people that have an issue with it.

“Most of the people that I’m around are okay with me doing it.

“I haven’t been in a relationship while I was doing it but if problems arose down the line, I would be like ‘well you knew when we started dating that this is what I was doing’.

“I’m happy that I started when I was single for that reason.”

What started as a short-term way to earn enough cash to buy a pair of Dolce & Gabbana heels before graduating has now turned into Jazmen’s full-time career.

Jazmen said: “I’m short but I’m very curvy. I’m fun-sized, like a little candy bar.

“I have a Kardashian-esque look and I’m Middle Eastern so I have those kinds of features.

“I’ve always had very large natural breasts, I’m a G cup.

“I’ve always been very curvaceous, my waist is 25 inches and my hips are 43 inches, I always had a very strong sex appeal look.

“That’s why it was very comfortable for me to get into this industry, I wasn’t afraid to be sexy because in real life I owned being sexy.

“I started my OnlyFans in June 2021. One of my friends in law school had it and for some reason her having one was like ‘I guess it’s ok for me to have one’.  

“There was a pair of shoes I wanted, these black $700 Dolce and Gabbana heels.

“I never started it thinking it would be what it is. I thought it was just something I would do for a couple of months, make a little extra money to buy those shoes and then go to law.

“I did end up getting them, I made $300 in two days.

“I did a lot of topless pics. I would do nude but I wouldn’t do spread open, super-explicit stuff when I first started because I wasn’t comfortable with it.

“[When offered the job] I was torn because I always knew I didn’t want a 9-5 job.

“The firm was offering me $75,000 a year until I was licensed and then they were going to bump it to $100,000.

“I started my job in October and even by then with my OnlyFans and SnapChat premium I was making more than $50,000 a month.

“It was already consistently more than I would be making as a new associate in law and would be making at law unless I worked 10 years and made partner.

“I decided to do OnlyFans full time in April 2022 as I enjoyed it and it was great money. I had all that freedom and I had this platform where I could express myself.”

Despite loving the work she does, it took a while for her parents to accept it.

Jazmen said: “My parents found out pretty quickly, I was very nervous.

“I’m very close with my parents and I depended on them entirely and I knew they would be really upset.

“I was especially worried about the relationship with my father because I’m so close to him.

“He’s like my best friend, I’m such a daddy’s girl.

“They’re not conservative compared to other Middle Eastern families but they’re certainly conservative compared to western culture.

“Eventually my mom reached out and she said ‘I don’t approve but I’ll always love you’.

“We mended things and then my dad too. I don’t think either of them is happy with it but our relationship is as good as ever. It took six months for them to come round.”

Jazmen hasn’t ruled out returning to law at a later date and, if she does, plans to help sex workers.

Jazmen said: “I make over $1million a year, it’s great.

“Money is an opportunity for me to have choices in life and freedom and comfort.

“I’ve been able to buy a really nice home with a pool. I have a BMW, but I’m looking at getting a Benz.

“At least once a month I’m able to fly off somewhere and meet friends.

“I already have a bunch of money in my retirement account, which I never expected so young.

“It’s also given me the opportunity to give back. My friends are super-involved in charities and helping homeless people.

“Once a month I donate money so they can make kits and hand it out to the homeless.

“If I go back into law full time I want it to be in a position where I’m directly helping and advocating for sex workers.

“I know my work would 100% affect my legal career if I ever wanted to go down a traditional path again.

“It doesn’t mean I can’t be a lawyer but I would be in a position where I’m advocating for sex workers or working at a place that is more progressive on these issues.

“I probably have more limited options available to me now that I’ve taken this route because obviously there are firms that are not going to like it.

“It’s not going to match their vision or company values, but they’re places I don’t want to work anyway.”

Kennedy Newsand Media
However, the grind became too much for her and soon Jazmen turned to OnlyFans[/caption]
Instagram/Kim Kardashian
She often gets told she looks like a Kardashian[/caption]
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