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Steve Mac has blessed us with a selection of amazing Acid House

STEVE MAC is one of the UKs best and most respected house music DJs and producers.

There isn’t much Steve hasn’t achieved in his long career in music, but the best is yet to come from the Brighton based Rhythm Master.

Steve Mac grafting in his Brighton bunker

In between scoring music for the forthcoming Trainspotting musical for his friend Irvine Welsh, running numerous record labels, providing club remixes for pop stars or helping young artists from Sierra Leone through his work for charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, he’s just dropped his incredible new album, Bless This Acid House. An instant classic, the long player pays homage to the origins of Acid House. He told our friends at The Night Bazaar:

“One day I just woke up and went ok I am going to write an acid house album so I just started programming the 303 with lots of acid lines, programmed the drum machines, 909, 808, 606 and an MPC and just started working  on it. I had my friends and all round legends come to the studio, Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, Sleezy D (RIP), Raze and Alena. They were all at my studio at different times working on other projects, but for instance, I played Robert a couple of these tracks I had and he was like ‘wow, I’ve got something for this’, so we just recorded the songs there and then.


I just wanted to make an album that paid homage to the original Chicago sound where this music came from and these guys that invented this sound. All I can say is that I am very lucky to call these people my friends. It’s been an honour to work with them all.”

Released on the label he runs with DJ Mag Editor and author Irvine Welsh, Jack Said What, the long player is a collection of brand new, authentic and original sounding House tracks that transport you back to a time when House music was strictly underground.

We caught up with Steve this week to chat about the album and the myriad of other exciting projects he is working on at the moment. You can read the full interview on The Night Bazaar.

Here, he has compiled an exclusive playlist for us here featuring both Acid House influences from back in the day alongside a few of the tracks from Bless This Acid House.

Listen to Steve’s playlist below and read what he had to say about each track.

Steve Mac – The 313

“This record I made with Alana  Maria. She is originally from Detroit, she made a record with MK called Burning. Was a huge underground house record in the early 90’s which kicked off MK’s Career. She was an absolute joy to work with. She has mad love for Detroit.”


Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath

“Richard James needs no introduction. The real deal. A true innovator and pioneer in electronic music. Check this out. Wonky acid with them beautiful chords.”


Fast Eddie -Acid thunder

“Was a huge fan of all of Eddie’s records. I was buying his records when I was still at school. Check the acid line in this. Killer base line too. Also check out another of his records, Yo Yo Get Funky.”


Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child

“I remember when I first heard this and thought wow this is some scary s**t ! Samples Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street. Bam also made another killer record called Give It To Me. Check it out.


Sleezy D – I Lost Control

“For me this is one of the first acid tracks but I wont even bother with that argument, seen so much of it online over the years. This record was produced by Marshall Jefferson. Marshall brought Sleezy over to the UK. Me and Marshall were producing an album for Sleezy, sadly he passed away. I was totally heart broken as I loved this man. Luckily he did a vocal for my album called Take You There. Check it out.”

Maurice – This Is Acid

“This is an absolute classic. That rave sound that has been used on tons of records (Todd Terry’s A Day In The Life), just love it. A good friend of mine calls it the knackery ice cream van sound lol! Still play this all the time as it’s timeless.”


Todd Terry – Back To The Beat

“My introduction to Todd Terry. Well thats not entirely true because I think the first record I bought of his was T La Rock which he produced. Anyway, again I was still at school when I bought this 12″ and it just blew my head. All the crazy sampling. Todd went on to become one of the most important producers in house music.”


Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms

“Marshall has been involved in some of the most important records to come out of house music, I mean a lot and far too many to mention. For me Marshall is just a brilliant song writer and all round vibe man. He calls me his twin brother! Cracks me ups every time. Check out Mushrooms with Marshall on the vocals, such a great tune.”


The It – Donnie

“Quite an unknown Robert Owens record. Man I love this record. Robert is the voice of house music full stop. Also Chip E also worked on this track. Another house music legend. I was lucky enough to have Chip remix the first record from my album.”


Steve Mac – Jack Said What

“The record that started our label.”

Steve Mac – Bless This Acid House is out now on Jack Said What. Click HERE to buy and download the album from Beatport.


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