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Joel Dommett speaks about new baby for first time as wife Hannah reveals her biggest fear about becoming a mum

COMEDIAN, Masked Singer MC and now game show host Joel Dommett is about to add another huge role to his CV, as a father.

But as the funnyman grapples with the biology of parenthood, his model wife Hannah Cooper has one real concern: his dad jokes.

Comedian, Masked Singer MC and now game show host Joel Dommett, with his wife Hannah Cooper, is about to add another huge role to his CV, as a father
The pair revealed the pregnancy on Instagram[/caption]
Model Hannah shows off her baby bump[/caption]

Fresh from their latest scan, the couple have opened up on having a baby in their first chat since revealing they were expecting last week.

Hannah, 31, laughed: “I do worry that he sees this child as another audience member in the house.

“I think you’ll do the classic dad jokes. I think he’ll be in performance mode.

“It’s a lot. From the moment he wakes up he practises on me.

“I mean, it’s nice, but it’s annoying.”

Joel, 37, agreed: “I really have no idea what I’m doing.

“But I think, hopefully, I’ll be a fun dad.

“I will be trying to be funny and trying to make all the midwives laugh.

“My job entails me being a child, I’ve got the mental age of a 12-year-old, so it’ll be fine.”

Joel might have the jokes down, but he is far from being ready for the horrors of the labour ward.

Hannah went on: “Joel only just learned what dilation meant.

“You know when they say eight centimetres or ten centimetres dilated?

“Joel thought it was just a massive hole that you could see in.”

Joel chimed in: “I didn’t know, I’m still learning. I thought you could see in.

“So when they say you’re eight centimetres dilated you could go, ‘Yeah, looks about right.’

Weird names

“I thought that’s how much of the head you could see. I thought it opened like a door in a sci-fi movie.”

It is a hilarious peek into the marriage of one of telly’s funniest couples as they prepare to welcome their first born.

They broke the news with a sweet photo of Hannah’s bump last Wednesday, with Hannah writing: “Does anyone know how to change a nappy? Because Joel has s**t himself.”

Their celebrity friends including Zoe Ball and Laura Whitmore rushed to congratulate the duo.

Glowing with the news, the couple appear on tonight’s The Chris And Rosie Ramsey Show on BBC One to tell all.

Hannah said: “I think we’re quite naive at the moment like, ‘Oh, this is going to be so cute, half of you, half of me. Is it going to have your toes?’ and all that stuff.”

Joel said: “We’ve literally just come from a scan. We had a scan today and we were zooming in just looking at the nose, like, ‘Whose nose is this?’.

“My toes are awful, it’s bad. My toes are all over the place. It looks like one of the toes belongs to a different foot.”

And Hannah agreed: “You know there’s that cute baby shot when new borns are born, people put their little feet on Instagram? I’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s not the shot!’

“I am actually interviewing for birth partners because I really think he will p**s me off.

“It depends what Joel I get but it’s about me Joel, it’s not about you.

“It’s not about you performing. I have to perform. Just remember that.”

Until now the couple have agreed to keep the baby’s sex a secret and are nowhere near agreeing on a name.

Hannah, who has modelled for huge brands such as Barbour, M&S and Boux Avenue, said: “We’ve got a list, we don’t know, we keep adding street signs to it.

“It’s hard, it feels like at the moment we’re in the middle of where weird names meet normal names again.

“Everyone’s gone for weird names, the classic is Apple and all that weird stuff, where people would just pick an object . . .  like Crust.

“If they go on holiday and don’t put their SPF on, it’s burnt Crust.”

The loved-up couple met via Instagram in 2016 after Hannah sent Joel a direct message when he finished runner-up on I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here.

They married three years later with an intimate beach wedding on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Since then their lives have been a whirlwind of work as Joel’s star rocketed.

As well as hosting The Masked Singer and Dancer, Joel also fronts The National Television Awards and new BBC show Survivor.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that the muscle-bound lad worries about his looks.

Continuing on the BBC chat show, which is back for a new series, Hannah said: “I’m sorry to expose this but Joel uses a little hair coloured mascara for the grey bits in his beard.

“I sleep on a silk pillow case because it’s good for your hair and Joel’s now discovered, as he slightly rolls on to my pillow, that it’s nice.

“But he doesn’t wash his beard stuff off so he leaves a brown stain on my pillow case and it freaks me out.”

And it’s not just his beard that Joel lavishes with attention, as he reveals on the programme he’s covered up his nipples for the occasion.

Joel laughed: “I was like, ‘Hannah, is this T-shirt too see-through?’

“And she was like, ‘It might be a little bit under the lights. I’ll tell you what, I can give you my nipple covers!’”

Which took the comic on to his wife’s own chest.

He added: “They certainly have increased in volume. I’ve very much enjoyed that.

“I’m excited for the baby but there is a slightly sexy perk.”

Hannah added: “You’re excited for the baby but you are more excited for the t*ts.”

While many showbiz relationships struggle under the spotlight, Joel and Hannah’s seems to be going from strength to strength.

And they even threw it under the microscope by launching their own joint podcast, Never Have I Ever.

Joel previously told The Sun: “The podcast is all about, doing as many different things together before having kids.

As well as hosting The Masked Singer and Dancer, Joel also fronts The National Television Awards and new BBC show Survivor[/caption]

“We want to live our life to the fullest and experience as many things as possible as a couple before having kids and starting our new chapter as parents.

“Obviously having kids doesn’t stop you from doing things but it does make it harder.”

He went on: “Hannah is really important for me. I met her at the perfect time.

“I feel if I didn’t meet her when I did I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now and if I was here I would probably be a horrific human being.

“She keeps me grounded and happy.”

  • Joel and Hannah are on The Chris And Rosie Ramsey Show tomorrow night, BBC One, 10:40pm.
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