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Countdown to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup begins

With less than 100 days to the start of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, there is so much to watch out for. Thanks to the overall development of female football, it will bring all the stars together to compete for international glory. This article provides all the information regarding the World Cup, including its history, overview, preparations and best betting strategies.

The evolution of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

This is the biggest stage of women’s football, beginning in 1991 in China. Twelve teams participated, with the USA winning the maiden edition, beating Norway 2-1. The second tournament, which was held in Sweden, included top African countries like Nigeria vying for the title. However, spectators dropped from 63,000 for the first round to about 18,000. Norway was the champion, scoring two goals against Germany to lift the cup.

A considerable metric of the growth of FIFA’s Women’s World Cup was evident in the thrilling encounter between China and the USA in the 1999 edition. The Americans were victorious in front of a big 91,000 crowd at the Rose Bowl in California. The 2023 World Cup sees 32 of the strongest teams competing, with the USA favored to lift the title for a third time in a row.

Overview of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

The 2023 World Cup has unique features, making it quite spectacular. First, two countries are hosting the tournament, Australia and New Zealand. It begins on the 20th of July and runs through to the 20th of August with organizers claiming ticket sales may reach a record 1.5 million.

Eight countries will debut in this tournament thanks to the expansion of teams from 24 to 32. They include Portugal, the Philippines, the Republic of Ireland, Vietnam, Haiti, Panama, Morocco and Zambia.

Denmark makes a debut, appearing in the competition for the first time in 16 years. Zambia is the least favorite to win, especially as they ranked low. Other participating teams include regulars like Nigeria, Norway, Germany, the United States, Sweden, Brazil, and Japan. England will also be present, making a record 6th appearance in the event.

Some teams have big questions to answer, especially with the rise of new talents. FIFA initially announced that the official sponsor would be Saudi Arabia’s tourism authority but reports show FIFA has backtracked on this. Adriana Lima becomes a global fan ambassador for the competition. A big highlight of the 2023 edition also includes the formation of a new play-off qualifying tournament. Ten teams will compete in New Zealand for the last three places at the tournament.

Preparations underway for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup


The government has spent over $2m on a total makeover of the stadiums. Work is ongoing on changing rooms at the Richlands Lions, gulping up $1 million. Goodwin Park takes $695,000 for renovations on the pitch and changing rooms. Moreton Bay Sports Complex also takes up $248,008 for upgrades to the lighting.

In addition, Perry Park and Spencer Park, which will serve as training pitches for the teams playing in Brisbane, take $150,000. Beerwah Glasshouse United Football Club also received $390,996 for renovations to the lighting. The government also made advancements for the joint Federal-State Community and Recreational Assets Recovery and Resilience Program on flood repairs and to replace all equipment.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, analysts expect that the upgrades for all stadiums will benefit all communities in the country. This comes through the government’s investment of about $19 million, which supports pitch, facilities and lighting areas. Top among this includes $5m earmarked for the provision of gender-neutral changing rooms.

Team base camps and other stadiums in Auckland will receive $8.6m, while Wellington City follows right after, receiving about $6m. Hamilton is next with $1.2 million and Dunedin takes a total of $1.6m.

Betting tips and strategies for the FIFA Women’s World Cup

Whether you’re new to sports betting or a pro, the FIFA Women’s World Cup provides an exciting chance to wager and win.

Several sites reviewed by SoCanadianCasino offer excellent odds on different matches, including high-profile events. Players also get the chance to wager on many alternative games, especially with the addition of generous all slots casino no deposit bonus packages.

We have some of the best strategies from experts to put you at the front of winning the tournament. Here are some excellent tips that can work well.

“Join the excitement of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and place your bets to support your favorite team.” – Joshua Cramer

Don’t rely on history

Several big names, including the USA, Germany, and Japan, are coming to play in this competition. However, other serious contenders are vying for the title too. Some are England, who haven’t won a major trophy yet, and Spain are now the favorite underdogs. Hence, money line bets may be popular for other competitions, but the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 may not be the best event to use it.

Outright markets

Among all top bets, the outright markets remain the most favorable option. This includes staking on the tournament’s top scorer, group winners, etc. You can use this way to build an accumulator bet, presenting a healthy potential payout.

Look for profitable markets

The Men’s and Women’s categories hold stark differences. Hence, the betting strategies for each side should be different. For instance, betting on handicaps is best for women’s group-stage matches. It’s possible to find mismatches, thanks to the increase in the number of competitors. Don’t sleep on the under/overs/ goal market, as we may likely have high tallies. In-play betting is also a great avenue, especially as all matches will receive media attention, and several betting sites offer live-streaming features.

Consider tactics of individual nations

All countries have different strategies that they will follow. It’s important to watch out for what they use, especially if you’re interested in flexing your options on your bets. In games where a counter-attack strategy is used by some countries, going for over 2.5 goal markets isn’t advisable. Alternatively, the both-team-to-score option is better.

How the Women’s World Cup is driving change in sport?

The Women’s World Cup is steadily bringing women’s sports to light. This comes from the increased media coverage of the men category for several years. Currently, there is more online buzz about this tournament, encouraging different people to pick up a sport.

In addition, the female sports category is getting more sponsors, thanks to the media coverage.


The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is only days away. It sees new entries, thanks to the increase in number of participants. Furthermore, it’s the first women’s competition that sees two countries as hosts, presenting spectators with the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of both countries. Remember to watch out for the top betting sites when wagering, as this can give you a big edge.

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