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NL Cy Young Odds Rankings: Strider, Gallen Tied Atop Oddsboard

The National League is stacked with elite pitchers, with some new faces joining as potential candidates to win the NL Cy Young. 

Below, we’ll look into the top five hurlers using odds from FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. (Tie) Spencer Strider +230 (Last week: +260)

One of the most dominant strikeout pitchers in the game is Atlanta Braves youngster Spencer Strider. He’s a machine at fooling batters and blowing balls by them, leading to him being a co-favorite to win the NL Cy Young. Strider put together another electric ten-strikeout performance against the Baltimore Orioles, leading to his NL Cy Young chances rising from +260 to +230. 

Last Start: May 6 vs. Baltimore Orioles (5IP, 4H, 2ER, 10SO)

Next Start: May 12 @ Toronto Blue Jays

1. (Tie)  Zac Gallen +230 (Last week: +320) 

Zac Gallen is establishing himself as one of the top arms in the NL. He has found his rhythm after a poor start to the year and has been flat-out dominant lately. The D-Backs right-hander is coming off another fantastic start against the Miami Marlins, where he struck out seven batters over seven innings and allowed just one earned run. His odds have been bet down once again from +320 to +230. 

Last Start: May 8 vs. Miami Marlins (7IP, 5H, 1ER, 7SO)

Next Start: May 13 vs. San Francisco Giants 

3. Clayton Kershaw +1000 (Last week: +1700)

Age is just a number for Clayton Kershaw. The Los Angeles Dodgers future Hall of Famer has gotten off to another solid start to the season, posting a 6-2 record with a 2.36 ERA and 56 punchouts. With his MLB-leading sixth victory of the year against the Milwaukee Brewers, the veteran lefty has seen his odds of winning the Cy bet down from +1700 to +1000. 

Last Start: May 10 @ Milwaukee Brewers (7IP, 5H, 1ER, 8SO)

Next Start: May 16 vs. Minnesota Twins

4. Julio Urias +1800 (Last week: +1800) 

One of the most underrated SPs is Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Julio Urias. He escaped his last start against the San Diego Padres without much damage but had to pitch around eight base hits. Urias has posted a 4-3 record with a 3.77 ERA and 48 strikeouts. After a solid start to the year, LA’s lefty has tailed off of late, where he’s continued to own +1800 odds to win the NL Cy Young. 

Last Start: May 7 @ San Diego Padres (5 2/3IP, 8H, 2ER, 3SO)

Next Start: May 13 vs. San Diego Padres

5. Zack Wheeler +2200 (Last week: Unranked in Top Ten)

Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Zack Wheeler has emerged inside the National League’s top five Cy Young odds. In two of his last three starts, Wheeler has faced off against strong offenses in the Toronto Blue Jays and Houston Astros, where he combined to pitch 13 innings and allow just one earned run. As a result, Wheeler now has himself in the conversation, where he holds +2200 odds. 

Last Start: May 10 vs. Toronto Blue Jays (7IP, 3H, 1ER, 7SO)

Next Start: May 15 @ San Francisco Giants 

Top 5 NL Cy Young Candidates Odds on FanDuel Sportsbook. 

Player Team Odds
Spencer Strider Atlanta Braves 230
Zac Gallen Arizona Diamondbacks 230
Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers 1000
Julio Urias Los Angeles Dodgers 1800
Zack Wheeler Philadelphia Phillies 2200

The post NL Cy Young Odds Rankings: Strider, Gallen Tied Atop Oddsboard appeared first on NESN.com.


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