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TikTok mum revealed she was ‘struggling so much’ waiting for surgery in heartbreaking videos days before ‘sudden’ death

A TIKTOK star revealed she was “scared” and “struggling so much” in several heartbreaking videos days before her “sudden” death.

Mum-of-two Jehane Thomas, 30, is understood to have passed away on March 17 after suffering from migraines so painful she couldn’t stand up.

Tributes have poured in for TikTok star Jehane Thomas, who died this week[/caption]
Jehane documented her medical journey on social media[/caption]

On TikTok and Instagram, Jehane was known for sharing footage of her preparing packed lunches for her two boys, as well as cleaning hacks and shopping hauls.

She also documented her health struggles, which saw her repeatedly hospitalised and enduring agonising waits for treatment.

In one clip, posted on Tuesday, she described how difficult it was having her children watch her being sick and “wobble” like she was drunk.

“No one is taking me seriously,” she said through tears.

“I keep saying it, but I’m just so fed up and if anything, I’m so scared because it’s my head and it feels like my head is going to fall off.

“I just don’t know what to do.”

In another, shared two days before she died, Jehane said she was “scared” about being moved to the surgery ward to treat her headaches.

Just hours later, she said: “I’m struggling so much this morning.”

Against footage of her lying in a hospital bed, Jehane, who told how she had been denied surgery a week earlier, wrote: “I’m still waiting to go down for surgery.

“The reason they didn’t do the surgery last week was because having fluids in me would solve the issue.

“I’ve had four litres of fluids in me and my head this morning is horrific.

“I’m just waiting to see if I can take one of my Frovatriptan tablets before the surgery because no other pain relief is taking away this pressure, or if I need to ride it out and hope the surgery gives me instant relief.

“I can’t lift my head up without wanting to be sick and I’m unable to walk – I need to be wheeled everywhere, that’s how bad the pain is.”

Jehane, who has 87,000 TikTok and Instagram followers and millions of views, died “suddenly” two days later, her best friend Alyx Reast said.

She added: “I feel like I can’t breathe. We still don’t have any answers.

“You are everything good in the world. I’m going to miss you every single day.

“Thank you for being unrelentingly you. You are my hero.”

You are everything good in the world. I’m going to miss you every single day.

Alyx Reast

As well as social media, Jehane, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, also ran arts and crafts business Print and Pack UK.

A post on its Facebook page described the mum as the “driving force” behind the company.

It read: “P&P would not be what it is today without you, your enthusiasm, the relationships you’ve built with so many people, and the lives of all the people you’ve touched and inspired by simply being you… and the absolute TikTok Queen that you are.

“Life will never be the same without you and neither will P&P, but we have made a pact to do our upmost the continue to grow our successful business and support your boys for as long as P&P is going – and I already know we’ve got the support of your followers too.

“Thank you for your ongoing support. Jehane will live on through her boys, P&P and her followers.

“Let’s make her proud. Love and miss you always.”

Tributes from elsewhere have flooded in for the “kindest soul”, who is survived by her sons Isaac, three, and one-year-old Elijah.

Friend and fellow parenting TikTok star Kelly Medina Enos said: “My heart is broken, for you, for your family, friends and the boys.

“Fly high my angel. Life is so short. I love you.”

Leah Rose Roberts added: “I genuinely can’t believe how cruel life is.

“Jehane, you were one of a kind and the kindest soul I’ve ever come across.”

And Theresa Parker said: “I can’t tell you that I’m in shock to learn that my friend Jehane has suddenly passed away.

“I know she will be sadly missed by those that knew her.”

Others remembered her as “incredible and strong”, and a “beautiful, inspirational woman who will never be forgotten”.

A fundraiser has been launched to support Jehane’s family.

Friends described the mum as ‘an inspirational woman’[/caption]
She is survived by sons Isaac and Elijah[/caption]

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