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Luxury housing development backed by ex-Premier League star covered in piles of rubble after three-year war with council

A LUXURY housing development backed by a former Premier League star is bogged down in a three-year planning fiasco with mounds of rubble and broken fences.

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler is an ambassador for the scheme to build 300 new homes on the edge of Liverpool city centre.

Elatus Developments have said that they are still committed to the scheme on the edge of Liverpool city centre[/caption]
The scheme was set to be delivered in 2021 but nothing has been built so far[/caption]
Mounds of rubble inside the scheme where the developer hopes to build 300 new homes[/caption]
Collapsed hoardings at the site on the corner of St Anne Street on the edge of Liverpool city centre[/caption]
Elatus Developments
Robbie Fowler appears inside a corporate brochure promoting the property scheme on the edge of Liverpool city centre[/caption]

But after years of delay the homes have not been built.

Pictures show collapsed hoardings and mounds of rubble at the site on St Anne Street.

Photographs of smiling ex-England international Fowler holding a football initially surrounded the site.

Elatus Developments, owned by Liverpool businessman Robert Taylor, initially hoped to deliver the scheme in autumn 2021.

A glossy sales brochure promoting the posh development set a new completion date of spring this year.

Elatus has been working with the council over recent years to try and conform to the city’s planning policies.

Councillor Steve Radford, who has spoken out about planning issues in the city, said: “I have been advised that the scheme is held up in planning.”

A spokesman for Elatus Developments said: “We are still committed to delivering this scheme.

“Unfortunately the planning process has been complex and we have had to work to conform to the council’s Local Plan.

“But we are still hopeful that an agreement can be reached and that we can start work as soon as possible.”

Track Capital, who are marketing the scheme, have said in a sales document that block B has been ‘sold out.’

A spokesman for Elatus said that ‘reservation fees’ had been accepted but that buyers had not been asked for deposits.

The spokesman said that Elatus has been negotiating with the local authority on the inclusion of affordable housing within the scheme.

Prices start at around £90,000 for a studio and go up to £190,000 for a two bedroom apartment.

Buyers will pay around £15,000 for a parking space facility.

The sales brochure includes a quote from Fowler, who scored 183 goals for Liverpool and was nicknamed ‘God’ by adoring Reds’ fans.

It reads: “I’m delighted to announce that I have teamed up with Elatus Development Group to develop St Anne’s Gardens, a prime residential development in Liverpool, offering a range of spacious studios, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, all currently below market value.

“The aim is to build out numerous developments throughout Liverpool over the next couple of years, with St Anne’s Gardens being the first.

“I have always had a passion for property development and to be part of a big project like this is not only great for my personal ambition but will be great for the Liverpool region.

“St. Anne’s Gardens presents an ideal opportunity for both residential and buy-to-let investors. The apartments offer the highest quality and affordability and are conveniently located just minutes from Liverpool city centre and Anfield Stadium.”

Images of Fowler which initially surrounded the site have now been taken down

The Sun approached Mr Fowler for comment.

PA:Press Association
Fowler scored 183 goals for Liverpool and became a cult figure amongst fans during his playing career[/caption]
AP:Associated Press
Images of Fowler which initially surrounded the site have now been taken down[/caption]

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