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These cozy tiny houses on wheels are meticulously handcrafted and cost as little as $175,000 — see inside

mitchcraft tiny homes
The exterior of a Mitchcraft Tiny Home built for Carrie and Dan.
  • Mitchcraft Tiny Homes builds custom tiny homes on wheels in their Colorado shop.
  • The homes, which start at $175,000, are entirely custom and can be brought anywhere in the US.
  • See inside three of the over 70 unique homes the company has built since 2015. 
Mitchcraft Tiny Homes has been building customized homes with floor plans under 400 square feet since 2015.
mitchcraft tiny homes

It takes them about four months to build a house.

Mitch Holmes founded the company after he built his own tiny home. He had previously worked in cabinetmaking, finish carpentry, and residential construction.

Holmes and his team have designed and built over 70 tiny homes in their Fort Collins, Colorado, shop. They're then trucked off to people around the US.

Here's a look inside three of its customized units.
mitchcraft tiny homesmitchcraft tiny homes
This 280-square-foot home, built for Carrie and Dan, cost $176,000.
mitchcraft tiny homes

The unit has two lofts that are around 80 square feet each. The owners of this house use one as a bedroom and the other as a music room.

It has a southwest aesthetic and pops of color throughout, the company's executive manager, Amy Beaudet, told Insider.
mitchcraft tiny homes

Mitchcraft added details specifically catered to the owners. The shelves under the stairs were designed for their record collection while ledges throughout the home made space for their many plants.

The home has laminate floor with finished pine tongue and groove ceilings, according to Beaudet.

Mitchcraft designs focus on function as well as aesthetic, evidenced by the storage spaces hidden throughout.
mitchcraft tiny homes

"Storage and functionality are a big thing in our custom designs," Beaudet said. "A lot of times you look at other tiny homes and go 'Where do I put my stuff?'"

"We're always thinking about that, asking 'How do we make this comfortable?'" 

Mitchcraft designed and built these blue kitchen cabinets in its Fort Collins shop. The countertops are a finished oak butcher block.
mitchcraft tiny homes
Whoever's cooking at the stovetop can look out onto the living area.
mitchcraft tiny homes
Stairs in the kitchen lead to the sleeping area, which has a wardrobe and storage space built into the half wall.
mitchcraft tiny homes

The walls throughout the tiny home are finished plywood with four inches of insulation.

On the opposite side of the house, there is another loft that the owners use as a music room.
mitchcraft tiny homes
The second loft is above the main entrance, where there is a small foyer.
mitchcraft tiny homes

This space doubles as an office, with a butcher block desk.

Unlike many tiny homes, Mitchcraft's designs often feature a full bathtub.
mitchcraft tiny homes

The sink bowl is an added element that the owners found on Etsy, Beaudet said.

Every homeowner that Mitchcraft builds for has their own vision for their house.
mitchcraft tiny homes
For Jen, who purchased this tiny home for $225,000, having a huge kitchen was very important.
mitchcraft tiny homes

She loves to cook and wanted enough space for all of her appliances, Beaudet said.

The granite countertops wrap around into a dining peninsula on the far side of the kitchen. 



Mitchcraft made these cabinets so that "every inch" could be used for storage, Beaudet said.
mitchcraft tiny homes
On the other side of the house, a living area has a gas fireplace with a fir mantel.
mitchcraft tiny homes
This tiny home is 340 square feet and has two additional 100-square-foot bedroom lofts.
mitchcraft tiny homes

The primary sleeping loft has a skylight and a mirrored wardrobe.

This home was built for Lisa, who plans to use the house when she downsizes in retirement.
mitchcraft tiny homes

Mitchcraft has designed homes for people from across Colorado as well as folks in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, and Oregon.

This tiny home is 390 square feet and cost $245,000.
mitchcraft tiny homes

The small balcony leads to a sleeping loft.

The loft is for the owner's grandchildren when they stay over. The railing has branch spindles that give the home a uniquely Colorado flair.
mitchcraft tiny homes
The wood shelf next to the door folds out to become a table that can be used to eat on the couch.
mitchcraft tiny homes
There are simple flat-front cabinets and quartz countertops in the kitchen.
mitchcraft tiny homes
This home has a queen-sized bedroom on the first floor — unique to Mitchcraft homes.
mitchcraft tiny homes

A sliding barn door separates the living space from the bedroom.

Read the original article on Business Insider
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