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I’m an etiquette expert & what your Mother’s Day gift says about you – if you got a mug you’re probably insecure

MOTHER’S Day is finally here and you may want to think twice before taking to social media to show off the adorable gift you received from your child. 

We spoke to etiquette expert William Hanson, to get his thoughts on traditional Mother’s Day gifts.

We spoke to William Hanson, an etiquette expert, to get his thoughts on what your Mother’s Day gift says about you
According to William, such mugs could indicate that you are insecure
William explained that signs such as those that read ‘Live, Love, Laugh’, indicate that you are neurotic[/caption]

Not only did William dish the dirt on the gifts that instantly scream tacky and are a complete waste of space, but he also explained what such gifts reveal about you.

So if you opened a ‘World’s Best Mum’ mug or a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sign, prepare to be attacked. 


Speaking to Fabulous, when it comes to ‘I Love Mum’ or ‘World’s Best Mum’ mugs, William is not a fan.

He explained: “It’s very interesting when people feel the need to bring those into work or get them out when they have friends over for a cup of tea, to show them that their child has got them such a saccharine mug. It’s posturing, I think. 

“But also, if you are giving a World’s Best Mum mug, from a scientific point of view, you’ve probably only had one mum, maybe a step mum, so I wouldn’t actually say that you can give much claim that they’re the world’s best mum and it’s a bit over the top in my opinion.”

If your child got you one of these mugs, according to William, it indicates that you are either a proud parent or are insecure.

He added: “It shows that you are proud, or maybe are so insecure that they feel they have to get it out to prove that they are the world’s best mum. It’s not official at all. Everybody seems to have them.” 


If you were gifted a ‘Mum’ necklace today, William explained that this could indicate that you define yourself by your parental status.

He highlighted: “I don’t love the idea of jewellery that says ‘Mum’ or the person’s name. Especially the ‘Mum’ term.

“Hopefully there is more to you than being a parent – if the only thing that defines you is being a parent, that’s a bit sad.

“I would never wear something that says the male equivalent, because it’s putting a label on something and that’s not very 2023.

“You know your mother and if they will enjoy a necklace that says Mum on it then fair enough, but I do always think, if you wear something like this out of the house, it may make non-mothers eye-roll slightly, because again, there’s probably more to them than just being a mother. 

“If your child is really young and has picked it up with their father or grandparent then it’s lovely and sweet, but once you’re 18+, this type of gift is maybe not so much.” 


According to William, teddy bears are another gift that are best kept at the shops.

William simply said: “I think they are horrid and collect dust.

“I would be very cross as a parent if I was given one of those.

“It’s almost infantilising the parent, I don’t think it’s the best gift.

“I would say that someone who buys their mother a teddy bear would see them as someone who is quite soft, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could also indicate that they are a sentimental mother.” 


If your child gifted you perfume today, according to William, this indicates that you are glamorous.

He continued: “When it comes to perfume, don’t just say ‘she likes citrusy smells, so I’ll get this one.’

“With perfumes, make sure you get them the one they actually want and the specific type.

“Perfume indicates someone who takes pride in their appearance and someone who is quite glamorous.” 


If you opened up a sign as your Mother’s Day gift, William explained that you could be quite neurotic.

When it comes to ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs, or signs that say words such as ‘Breathe’, William revealed: “Studies have shown that generally people who have to have ‘Breathe’ signs in their home are generally more neurotic.

“If you do get your mum a sign that says Breathe, I think you’re saying she’s quite neurotic.

“They’re a waste of money and space, I am not a fan.” 


When it comes to flowers, while William thinks they are a nice gift, he explained that they can be quite stereotypical.

He said: “I think flowers are fine, everyone loves flowers, as long as your mother is not allergic to pollen.”

When it comes to what this says about you, William noted that it indicates that you are traditional and easy to please.

He continued: “It’s obviously very traditional, it panders to the idea that women like flowers. 

“But I think flowers are a classic, timeless, seasonal gift that is quite an easy choice.

“Hopefully you know enough about your mother so that you can get her flowers that she actually likes.” 


However, when it comes to fake flowers, William wasn’t as keen.

He explained: “They’re good for those that are allergic to flowers but fake flowers often look fake.

“I’m yet to see some fake flowers that actually look good. Often I would say they look naff.”

William noted that if your child gifted your fake flowers for Mother’s Day, it indicates that you are: “All about show and not about quality.” 


Many women love candles, but according to William, if you opened up a candle today, it could show that you are uptight.

He noted: “Hopefully you know if your mum likes candles or not and what particular smells she likes. If she doesn’t like nice smells then a candle is a terrible idea.

“But if she does love a smelly candle, make sure you get a scent that she actually likes, rather than ‘oh yeah, this will do’, because smells are so personal.

“A candle is a fine gift, I think it says that someone that maybe needs something to help them relax, maybe they are slightly uptight.” 


If your child got you a huge Moonpig card, covered in pictures of you, according to William, this instantly screams high-maintenance.

He noted: “I don’t love these cards. I don’t love big cards because they are a waste of paper and space, a normal size card is fine.

“It shows that the mum is high-maintenance and is keen to show off to everyone in their social circle that they have been thought of in such a way by their child or children, rather than appreciating something that is personal and private.” 


Finally, if you got gifted a juniper gin or a Parma Violet gin, chances are you often try too hard.

William concluded: “Gin on its own is nice. Flavoured gins are awful. They are far too saccharine and maybe the mother is far too saccharine.

“It screams that the mother wants to be trendy and is often trying too hard.

“It’s an impractical gift and shows that maybe the giver doesn’t actually know their stuff.” 


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