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Celebs cosy up to their rarely-seen mums on Mothers Day – from Holly Willoughby to Katie Price and Carol Vorderman

AS the UK celebrates Mother’s Day, celebs have been filling their Instagram feeds with sweet photos to celebrate their mum.

Holly Willoughby led celebrity tributes, sharing a lovely picture of her with 74-year-old Linda.

Holly Willougby posed with her rarely-seen mum Linda on Mother’s Day[/caption]
Holly’s fans raced to compliment Linda on her youthful looks[/caption]
Carol Vorderman shared a touching post to her late mum Jean[/caption]

The This Morning presenter, 42, beamed alongside her lookalike mum and praised her for being her biggest supporter.

Holly wrote alongside the photo: “Happy Mother’s Day beautiful Mumma… Always there for us in every way… Couldn’t be more blessed… Love you.”

Wearing a navy blue blouse and pearl earrings, Holly’s fans raced to compliment her youthful-looking mum.

One wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful mom and you!”

Another posted: “What’s your mam’s secret?.. How does she look so young?”

While a third gushed: “Beautiful picture and your mum looks so young.”

Ex-Countdown star Carol Vorderman also joined in the tributes, posting a sweet family photo with her late mum Jean, who sadly passed away in 2017 after her fourth battle with cancer.

The TV favourite, 62, shared a throwback photo with her beloved mum and her children Katie, 32 and son Cameron, 26.

Carol wrote a lengthy post, which read: “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2017 photos. My Mum had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was on Mother’s Day and the last party I could give her.

“Mum had lived with me & Katie & Cam (photo of the 4 of us) for decades: we existed as one.

“I’d employed her since 1986. She ran my office. She lived with us through my marriage, and all years since. She was our everyday and I adored her.

“She died just weeks after that party in her bed surrounded by her family.”

Carol then revealed a bouquet of flowers with a touching message behind it.

She continued: “TODAY 2023 My flowers from Cameron. He thought about it.

“Red Rose is Nana. White is Cam. Yellow flowers he says are for me supporting them through life and the colour of my party dress that day.

“I’m so lucky to be genuinely loved by both of my children, and to love them back in equal measure. God I’m lucky. And it makes me beam smiling every day.

“We only have right now to show the people we love how much we care. I hope you have a wonderful day with your peeps.”

Carol was met with a flurry of warm messages from close friends and fans.

Vanessa Feltz commented: “You know how much I loved and respected your mother. Even more importantly you know how much that charming loving compassionate woman adored you.”

Other celebrities were also keen to show the love on social media.

Katie Price paid tribute to her mum Amy, 71, with a photo from when they appeared on ITV’s Loose Women together.

The former glamour model, 44, wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day mum. We love you so much.”

Katie was also treated to a special post from daughter Princess, 15, who posted a picture of them pouting at the camera.

The teenager wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you,” to which Katie replied: “Thank you my gorgeous. Family day today.”

Love Island star Laura Anderson, 33, posted a snap with her rarely-seen mum Barbara and sister Danielle.

The trio beamed in the summer throwback.

Laura simply wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to my wee mammy and amazing sis on her first Mother’s Day.”

Love Island star Olivia Bowen, 29, also shared a black and white snap this morning.

The mum-of-one posted a picture of her son Abel jumping on her bed.

She wrote: “Luckiest girl. Our first Mother’s Day. I love you.”

The former Countdown star lost her mum in 2017[/caption]
Carol’s son Cameron gifted her a bouquet of flowers with a special meaning behind it[/caption]
Katie Price paid tribute to mum Amy on Mother’s Day
Katie’s daughter gushed over her mum with a sweet Instagram Story
Pregnant Laura Anderson shared a photo with her glam mum Barbara and sister Danielle
Olivia Bowen shared a sweet black and white photo with son Abel[/caption]
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