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Georgia Harrison says Stephen Bear ‘took away my innocent spark’ in revenge porn hell and she feared he’d go further

BRAVE Georgia Harrison has told how Stephen Bear took away her innocence and self-worth – and she feared he’d go further with even more explicit sex videos.

But the former Love Island star revealed how she “took that power back” in court when she was finally able to tell her story.

Georgia Harrison says being a victim of revenge porn has changed her
Georgia Harrison has spoken out about her ordeal after Bear was jailed
Dan Charity
Stephen Bear was jailed for 21 months for selling CCTV footage of them having sex
The Mega Agency

Last week the 28-year-old spoke out for the first time since former reality TV star Bear, 33, was jailed for selling CCTV footage of them having sex in his garden.

He was sentenced to 21 months last week and refused to apologise to her for the distress he caused — or explain why he did it.

Georgia says she nearly died fighting him for two-and-a-half years — and will now sue Bear for destroying her career.

She spoke to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg today ahead of an ITV documentary on the case, airing tomorrow night.

Brave Georgia said she was “living in fear he was going to sell more” but “luckily the rest of the footage never did emerge”.

And she said she felt she had no option but to go to the police to report him for it – after multiple people came forward to tell her they’d seen it.

The 28-year-old admitted that going to testify against him in court was “scarier than I thought it would be” but “I got that power back” by finally telling her story.

She added: “It just took away an innocent sort of, spark I always had. I was trusting.

“It lowered my self worth, the way I value myself, especially in relationships.

“But I took that power back.”

And she sadly revealed she gets five women messaging her every day begging her for help in their own revenge porn hell cases.

She added: “This is big – you wouldn’t believe how many people are being affected by this.”

Georgia suggested she might want to get involved in politics

Georgia even refused to rule out a tilt at politics herself, admitting “I’m enjoying making a difference!”.

She previously told The Sun how she logged on to the former Celebrity Big Brother winner’s page on OnlyFans — an X-rated subscription service — only to find “a screenshot of him on top of me in his garden”.

She said: “He put the caption as something along the lines of: ‘Sign up now for 50 per cent off to see me f*ing this bch in my garden.’ It made me feel so violated.

“All I’ve ever done was be good to him as a friend and as more.”

Georgia says the stress caused her hair to fall out and at one point she was rushed to hospital. She said: “I almost died.”

He was also placed on the sex offender register for ten years and slapped with a restraining order.

The Sun revealed last week he was now a “broken man” behind bars and was on suicide watch at HMP Chelmsford, in Essex.

Georgia says: “I think going to jail was the only punishment that would make someone like Stephen Bear change their ways.

“He completely lost touch with reality. He thought he could do what he wanted, when he wanted. He thought the public would still love him and be behind him.”

Georgia reads a statement after the verdict

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The Colors of the Desert - The Pink Wadi Rum Nature Documentary

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