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Mercito Gesta outworks Joseph Diaz Jr. to win split decision

Mercito Gesta is still alive and kicking at 35.

The one-time title 135-pound challenger from the Philippines outworked former 130-pound champ Joseph Diaz Jr. by a split decision in a 10-round 140-pound fight Saturday at Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California.

Two judges had Gesta winning by a wide margin, 99-91 and 98-92. The third had a lopsided score for Diaz, 97-93. Boxing Junkie scored it 97-93 for Gesta.

Both men were fighting to remain relevant.

Gesta (34-3-3, 17 KOs) considered retirement after a 0-1-1 2019 and a long break after that but decided to give it one more go. And his comeback fight went well, as he outpointed Joel Diaz Jr. last April.

Diaz (32-4-1, 15) lost his previous two fights, against Devin Haney and William Zepeda.

The both needed victories to move in the right direction. And Gesta worked harder to get it.

The San Diego-based fighter used stick-and-move tactics most of the fight, pushing his jab into Diaz’s face, throwing his share of power shots and moving as Diaz stalked him.

Diaz, 30, did a good job of blocking many of Gesta’s shots but, for much of the fight, he was outworked.

That doesn’t mean Diaz didn’t have success, however, He was able to trap Gesta against the ropes on a number of occasions and took full advantage, landing heavy, eye-catching shots to the both the head and body.

The 2012 Olympian was definitely more effective the second half of the fight than he was in the first five rounds.

The two judges who scored the fight for Gesta obviously rewarded his activity even though it was Diaz who landed the harder blows. The third official, Pam Hayashida, evidently was impressed with Diaz’s aggression and more telling punches.

Gesta has now won back-to-back fights in his comeback, both against good opponents. He has more big fights and lucrative paydays ahead of him, possibly at 135.

“I feel great about the outcome,” Gesta said. “We had our game plan and I listened to my corner. It was a close fight. With coach Marvin Somodio, I have learned that I can move around a lot more and I am excited to have another full training camp with him.

“If I were to choose my next opponent, I want William “El Camaron” Zepeda next.”

Diaz? He has now lost three in a row and is 1-3-1 in his last five fights, a horrible sign for a fighter accustomed to winning on a big stage.

The Angeleno said afterward that he’d meet with his team before making any decisions about his future.

Gilberto Ramirez, a 175-pound contender, and Gabriel Rosado had been scheduled to fight in the main event but the fight was cancelled after Ramirez weighed 7.6 pounds over the limit on Friday


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The Colors of the Desert - The Pink Wadi Rum Nature Documentary

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The Colors of the Desert - The Pink Wadi Rum Nature Documentary

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