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Highlights and results: Cyrus Pattinson stops Chris Jenkins in outstanding battle

Cyrus Pattinson battled past Chris Jenkins in a tremendous fight from Newcastle
Cyrus Pattinson battled past Chris Jenkins in a tremendous fight from Newcastle | Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Cyrus Pattinson battled past Chris Jenkins in a tremendous fight from Newcastle.

Cyrus Pattinson stopped Chris Jenkins in the ninth round today in Newcastle, in a fight where both men had something to prove, and put every bit of their passion, courage, and heart into proving it.

In the end, it was the younger man, Pattinson, who was able to force the issue most, improving to 6-0 (4 KO) with the TKO win over veteran Jenkins (23-7-3, 8 KO), who was fighting to battle his way back to a chance to regaining the British and/or Commonwealth titles he lost back in 2021.

Jenkins, 34, fought like everything was on the line for him, and gave about as good as he got, but the 28-year-old Pattinson proved he had the mettle and the gas tank to withstand a tough fight into later rounds, having previously never gone past the sixth.

It was just an all-action fight from the opening bell, with no lulls, constant punching from both sides, and a lot of good work and adjustments from each man, as they looked to find the way to break the other down.

That came for Pattinson starting in the seventh, and he was able to force Jenkins’ corner to understandably throw the towel in round nine, as the vet was being beaten up more and more, as Pattinson made clear he was not going to fade late.

If you missed this one, fix that as soon as you can. It didn’t have the huge, high drama or the unbelievable atmosphere of some fights, but this was just gritty, tough action from bell-to-bell, a proper domestic dust-up in the UK, and good to see Matchroom putting on a show like this with a fight like this again.

Pattinson vs Jenkins highlights

Undercard highlights and results

  • Pat McCormack TKO-8 Dario Socci: McCormack won the fight going away, but the referee stoppage in round eight was really questionable, no reason to stop it then if not before. It was really a nothing stoppage. Socci (15-8-2, 6 KO) was furious, absolutely distraught with the call by the referee, to the point that — again, he had no hope of winning this fight on the cards — you might genuinely suspect he bet a lot of money on himself to last the distance with McCormack (4-0, 3 KO). Other than that, the only explanation is simply Socci being a very emotional man. He’s been stopped before, by Troy Williamson in London back in 2019. So it wasn’t a first career stoppage loss or anything. But it was a wild reaction. I agree it was a bad call, too, or at the least unnecessary, but man.
  • Solomon Dacres TKO-2 Robert Ismay
  • Hopey Price UD-10 Thomas Masson (98-92, 99-91, 100-90)
  • Calum French PTS-8 Jordan Ellison (80-73)
  • Mark Dickinson PTS-8 Ben Ridings (80-73)
  • Adam Reichard PTS-4 Jahfieus Faure (39-36)
  • Maisey Rose PTS-4 Buchra El Quaissi (40-35)
  • Muhammed Ali PTS-4 Sean Jackson (40-36)


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