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<p>Howdy! </p> <p>All horses in the March 19-24th auction have been listed!  Find them under prospects > auctions tab</p> <p>We are closed for new consignments/listings, but let me know if you want in on April's sale. <br /><br /><strong>All auctions will open at 10 Central time Sunday March 19th.</strong><br /><strong>The end times will be staggered starting with the first one ending at 7:30 pm CST (that's 6:30 MST) on Friday March 24th. I will post an order here when I have it.</strong> <br /><br />We have 12 horses listed. </p> <p>1 bred mare by Birdzilla in foal to Eddie Stinson<br /><br />2 foals in utero, one by Winners Version, the other by Jaguarr<br /><br />3 Yearlings - one by Fix N To, one by Silky To Fame, one still to be posted by Nickster.<br /><br />3 Two year olds - one by MP Hot Hayday, one by A Streak of Fame Kn, one by Flit N Six Moons<br /><br />3 Three year olds - one by PC Sir Azure Frost, one by Brays Eye Full, and one by Boggies Wrangler</p> <div><br />Bidding will be extended by 5 minutes every time there is a bid within 5 minutes of auction end time. This means if there is active bidding it will not end at a set time. It will end when there have been no bids for 5 minutes after the last bid. At this time, you will have to refresh your page (or check email to see if you've been outbid) to update the time and see the most current bid.    There is 10 minutes set between end times, but if there is active bidding, please be aware there may be overlaps as the time extends itself. </div> <div> </div> <div>I will post a summary of sale results, but if you want to keep tabs after the sale you can "favorite" the post and you can access it after.  Otherwise, as each auction closes it will disapear from the list.   <br /><br />Register to bid <a href="register.php" rel="nofollow">HERE</a></div> <div> </div> <div>You can practice bid on this post if you would like. <br /><br />All sales are between seller and buyer and I encourage you to reach to the seller with any questions or more details you may need.  Payment will be direct to the seller after the auction closes and you've been notified you're the winner. <br /><br /></div> <div>If you are registering a new account you'll get an email from us saying so.  Make sure we are on your safe sender list to make sure you're getting any outbid or winners notices.   The seller will receive your contact info if you are the winning bidder and you will receive theirs. </div> <div> </div> <div>The horses we have in this auction are from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Alberta.   Bidding is in Canadian funds.    Rodeoclassifieds is happy to help source rides and delivery for these horses, I suspect we will have some provincial swaps. <br /><br /><strong>Buyers from the USA.  </strong>You have a bidding advantage in that your dollar goes a long way here.  Check for current rates, but $10,000 Canadian will only cost you around $7300 at this time.   Our sellers are happy to help get your export papers (your cost) and help you with arranging transport. </div> <div> </div> <div>I'll be updating this post with answers to any questions I get so feel free to reach out. or 1 866 706 5652 or text 204 720 2538</div>


CNN разузнало, чем Вашингтон раздражает Зеленского при планировании Киевом весеннего наступления

Bavarian soft pretzels (safely) bathed in caustic soda

The Colors of the Desert - The Pink Wadi Rum Nature Documentary


Honda CRV: Extended Crank Time / No Crank Signal

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Honda CRV: Extended Crank Time / No Crank Signal

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Бьянка Андрееску

Бьянка Андрееску: Когда я играла в Майами в 2021-м, то была недовольна собой. Чувствовала, что не заслужила попасть в тот финал

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Тренер сборной РФ рассказал о впечатлениях спортсменов в новом центре Самбо

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Баринов не исключил, что сможет сыграть в матче РПЛ против «Нижнего Новгорода»

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Here's a game about being the spirit of nature after we've killed all the animals

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Ассоциация «Клевер» запускает профессиональное сообщество утилизаторов

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Концерт FIZICA в клубе Zoccolo 2.0

Россиянин Хачанов одолел аргентинца Этчеверри во втором круге турнира серии "Мастерс" в Майами

Азаренко зачехляет ракетку на престижном теннисном турнире в Майами серии WTA 1000

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Благоустройство пройдет по Профсоюзной // Столичные власти отремонтируют улицы и скверы в двух округах

Казахстан обещает усилить контроль за реэкспортом в Россию. Закроются ли лазейки?

Свыше 400 автобусов КАМАЗа появятся на маршрутах городов Московской области

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Эксперт подсказал, кто на очереди на эксперимент с льготной ипотекой после чиновников

27 марта – День войск национальной гвардии Российской Федерации

Путин в России и мире

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Юрий Шевчук

Экс-депутат Худяков высказался о жалобах Шевчука на отмену концертов и безденежье

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Bavarian soft pretzels (safely) bathed in caustic soda

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