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I’m an expert mixologist – here’s the best Christmas mocktails to drink this festive season

AN EXPERT mixologist has concocted a series of mocktails with a festive twist after research found 40 per cent of Brits will be cutting back on the booze this Christmas.

Trying to be healthier (40 per cent), wanting to drink more mindfully (38 per cent) and the cost of drinks (33 per cent) are among the top 10 reasons for slowing the alcohol flow, a study of 2,000 adults has found.

Doug Peters/PinPep
Resist the temptation to over indulge on alcohol this festive season and try one of many delicious mocktail recipes[/caption]

While 20 per cent of Gen Zs planning to cut alcohol out entirely for their festive celebrations this year.

However, good intentions may get swept aside as 52 per cent of those who drink alcohol admitted plans to stick to soft drinks at a party might fail.

And 26 per cent think there’s a ‘danger window’ – when they might get tempted to have an alcoholic drink at a party.

More than four in 10 (43 per cent) of the same respondents also admitted they are easily persuaded to ‘have another’ boozy beverage.

In response to the findings, ‘The Cocktail Guy’ Rich Woods has partnered with SodaStream, which commissioned the research, to create a delicious ‘Fizz-tive Menu’ of low and no alcohol drinks.

He said: “Everyone should be able to enjoy a special drink this Christmas, whether it’s low alcohol or completely alcohol free.

“I hope people enjoy my sparkling creations.”

The study also found traditional mulled wine topped the poll for best loved festive cocktail, followed by a champagne cocktail, Buck’s Fizz, the Snowball and Christmas punch.

Of the regular party drink choices during the festive period, red wine topped the list (29 per cent) while fizz still flows for festive revellers as sparkling wine remains ever popular (23 per cent).

While tea and coffee (26 per cent), fizzy drinks (26 per cent) and orange juice (22 per cent) popular non-alcohol choices.

But ‘cocktail envy’ (38 per cent), a boring choice of soft drinks at a party (24 per cent) and not enough variety of mocktails (21 per cent) keep glasses full of wine and lager at Christmas.

As a result, 39 per cent would like to offer an exciting mocktail option for their guests if they were hosting a party, but 51 per cent aren’t confident they’d know how. 


1.            Mulled wine

2.            Champagne cocktail

3.            Buck’s Fizz

4.            Snowball

5.            Christmas punch

6.            Christmas margarita

7.            Eggnog

8.            Mulled cider

9.            White Russian

10.         Christmas in Manhattan

11.         Peppermint mojito

12.         Campari spritz

13.         Spiced Negroni

14.         Hot toddy

15.         Peppermint martini

16.         Sloe gin fizz

17.         Cranberry Old Fashioned

18.         Holiday sangria

19.         Boulevardia

20.         Poinsettia

It also emerged 17 per cent of adults plan on attending, while 17 per cent will host, more social occasions this Christmas season compared to previous years.

Conducted via OnePoll, the study found three in 10 have had someone ask them why they’re not drinking alcohol at a party.

And 19 per cent have deliberately ordered soft drinks that look alcoholic in the glass.

Tiago Alves, managing director UK & IE of SodaStream, said: “The festive season is back in full swing and it’s great to see that many people will be socialising more this December. 

“We challenge anyone who isn’t confident of their mocktail making skills to just give one of these recipes a try.

“You’ll have fun and impress your guests all at the same time.”

White (Christmas) Sangria (Serve in a wine glass)


50ml non-alcoholic cider cordial infused with apples and blackberries

SodaStream sparkling water

For the cordial:

Pour non-alcoholic cider into a pan over a medium heat. Add a handful of blackberries and half a sliced apple.

Using the back of a spoon, squeeze the blackberries to encourage the infusion, whilst the cider reduces.

Once the cider has reduced by half, allow it to cool and filter. Mix in 50% sugar until it’s dissolved.


Half fill your glass with ice and add a couple of blackberries and a couple slices of apples. Top the rest with ice

Add 50ml of the non alcoholic cider cordial

Carbonate tap water using your SodaStream and top your glass

Garnish with a large mint sprig and a blackberry

Festive Aperol Spritz (Serve in a wine glass)


25ml Aperol

Juice from x2 clementine’s

SodaPress Co Kombucha – Passionfruit and Mandarin

Approx 75 ml Prosecco

SodaStream sparkling water



Carbonate tap water using your SodaStream and add a capful of the SodaPress Co Kombucha – Passionfruit and Mandarin flavour

Fill a wine glass with ice and add the Aperol, clementine juice and prosecco.

Top with SodaStream Kombucha sparkling water

Top with fresh ice if needs be

Christmas Clementine Gin & Tonic (Serve in a highball)


SodaStream Diet Tonic

SodaStream sparkling water

25ml Clementine skin infused gin (or if you prefer, non alcoholic gin)



In a sealable tupperware container, add the zest of two to three clementines and pour over 100ml of gin (enough to make four drinks). Seal and leave to infuse in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes. Ideally leave for two hours for maximum flavour

Carbonate tap water using your SodaStream

In a glass, add ice, 25ml of the infused gin and top with sparkling water.

Garnish with clementine leaves.

*Note, the juice from the leftover clementine can be used in the Festive Aperol Spritz below, to minimise food waste.

Warming and wintry Whisky and Ginger (Serve in a highball)


SodaStream Ginger Ale infused with cinnamon

SodaStream sparkling water

Scotch whisky (25ml only)

Apple fan (to garnish)



In a small sealable tupperware container, measure two capfuls of the SodaStream Ginger Ale flavour and add two cinnamon sticks (broken)

Seal and leave to infuse in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes. Ideally leave for four hours for maximum flavour

Carbonate tap water using your SodaStream

Add a capful of the cinnamon infused SodaStream Ginger Ale flavour to the sparkling water

Add ice and the scotch whisky to the glass as well as the sparkling water infusion

To garnish, thinly slice an apple and fan to add to the top of your glass

Mix all ingredients with whisky in glass and add apple garnish


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