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Assis, Steffes, Myers top 2022 NJCAA All-American teams

By Jim Dietz for

Ilana Assis of Missouri State-West Plains in Division I, Katilyn Steffes of Iowa Central in Division II and Chloe Myers of DuPage in Division III top the 2022 National Junior College Athletic Assocation All-American volleyball teams.


Player of the Year: Ilana Assis, OH (SO) — Missouri State University-West Plains: Assis had 571 kills (4.68.set) and 324 digs (2.66/set) for Paula Wiedemann’s final four squad. Assis is a two-time All-American selection.

Ilana Assis, Missouri State-West Plains

Romino Cornelio, OH (SO) — Miami-Dade, 3.49 kills/set (.333), 258 digs.
Laura Fiabane, S (SO) — Salt Lake, 1,230 assists (11.60/set), 290 digs.
Mariela Jimenez, MH (SO) — Miami-Dade, hit .406 with 0.93 blocks/set.
Kennedy Kelly, MH (SO) — Butler: 337 kills (.382), 84 blocks, 71 aces.
Barbara Koehler, OH (SO) — Florida Southwestern, 314 kills (3.74/set, .324) with 225
digs and 45 aces.
Hennesys Lalane, S (SO) — Indian Hills, 1,636 assists (10.29/set), 95 blocks, 109 aces,
281 digs.
Julia Lawrenz, MH (SO) — Florida Southwestern, hit .416 with 1.27 blocks/set including
eight in the national-championship match.
Lizanyela Lopez, MH (SO) — Trinity Valley, 398 kills (.352), 137 blocks, 54 aces.
Paige Parlanti, OH (FR) — Vincennes,  535 kills (4.05/set), 68 blocks, 538 digs (4.08/set)
Hannah Tylska, OH (FR) — Navarro, 540 kills (5.19/set), 322 digs, 110 aces
Sasha Vidal, L (FR) — Indian Hills: 933 digs (5.72/set), aced on less than 4% of serve-
Coach of the Year: Aleah Hayes, Trinity Valley — Took a squad that went 22-18 in 2021
to an eighth-place finish at the national tournament and finished 31-11.


Katilyn Steffes hits for Iowa Central

Player of the Year: Katilyn Steffes, OH (SO-R) — Iowa Central, had 793 kills to lead all of
the NJCAA (5.29/set, .307), 93 blocks, and 551 digs (3.67/set) for Sara Horn’s elite-eight squad.

Katilyn Steffes, Iowa Central CC

Jada Blake: OH (SO) — Chandler-Gilbert, 346 kills (4.44/set), 221 digs (2.83/set)
Kat Blase, MH (SO) — Parkland, 580 kills (3.47/set), 1.77 blocks/set. Blase is a two-time all-American.
Allison Bryant, OH (SO) — Palm Beach State, 4.61 kills/set (.307), 3.39 digs/set.
Savannah Davis, MH (SO) — Scottsdale, 2.52 kills/set, (.338) 1.09 blocks/set.
Karagyn Durco, S (SO) — Richard Bland, 1,442 assists (11.63/set), 97 aces for the MVP
of the National Tournament.
Hailey Hopkins, MH (SO) — Richard Bland, 359 kills (.395), 112 blocks (0.93/set)
Nicole Hughes, MH (SO) — Kansas City Kansas CC, 258 kills, 115 blocks for the first-team KJCCC selection.
Taylor McCarthy, OH (SO) — Johnson County, 300 kills (.287), 225 digs.
Kayla Pacha, OH (FR) — Parkland, 5.76 kills/set (.331), 2.82 digs/set.
Viviana Solis, S (FR) — Cowley, 1,612 assists (11.77/set), 381 digs (2.78/set)
Audrey Torres, OH (SO) — Grand Rapids, 391 kills, 3.62/set.
Coach of the Year: Stephanie Champine-Dryden, Richard Bland, led
the Statesmen to a national title with a 34-3 record in her first year.

Stephanie Champine-Dryden and her Richard Bland team won the Division II national title


Player of the Year: Chloey Myers, OH (SO) — College of DuPage, had 461 kills, 369 digs,
80 aces while also being named MVP of the DIII national tournament.

Chloey Myers College of DuPage

Ariel Austin, OH (FR) — Dallas County-Brookhaven, 516 kills (4.16/set) 467 digs
Alyssa Fountain, OH (SO) — College of DuPage, 422 kills, 396 digs, 66 aces.
L’Asia Jackson, L (SO) — Sandhills, 655 digs, 67 aces.
Faith Marion, OH (FR) — Minnesota State, 410 kills, 402 digs, 80 aces.
Aireana Muhlberger, S (SO) — Fulton-Montgomery, 866 assists, 189 digs, 55 aces.
Megan Rinicker, MH (SO) — Central Lakes, 378 kills (.388), 81 blocks, 43 aces.
Alexis Sarvo, MH (SO) — Owens, hit .331, 101 blocks.
Natalia Smiech, OH (SO) — Harper, 411 kills, 533 digs, 74 aces.
Leah Vitiello, OH (SO) — Dutchess, 3.42 kills/set and 4.21 digs/set with 54 aces.
Avery Wanner, L (SO) — Minnesota State, 712 digs (6.00/set), 49 aces.
Maddie White, OH (SO) — Owens, 356 kills, 436 digs. White is a two-time all-American selection.
Coach of the Year: Tolis Koskinaris, College of Dupage, led DuPage to a 32-3 record
and the program’s first national title since 1999.

Tolis Koskinaris, left, and his DuPage national champions contributor Jim Dietz is the former head coach at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Ill., and recently was inducted into the NJCAA Hall of Fame.

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