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Neeley Greene: A Passion for Serving Others

By Abi Dobson, Student Contributor

Neeley Greene, a sophomore from Rogersville, Tennessee, came to Alice Lloyd College to pursue a career in news reporting. Neeley found her way to ALC by researching affordable colleges that would help her remain debt-free and, through this search, discovered ALC’s Student Work Program.

At Alice Lloyd College, all students are required to work as a condition of enrollment. Students work a minimum of ten hours each week in various positions across campus to offset cost. To fulfill her work-study contract, Neeley assists the ALC Admissions Office as an Admissions Ambassador. As an Admissions Ambassador, she performs campus tours for potential students, inputs student applications and transcripts, takes phone calls, cleans the Admissions Office, and completes other miscellaneous tasks. The work-study program strives to prepare students for their careers once they graduate. For Neeley, this includes time management skills, logging hours, learning teamwork skills, and being a leader. Shena Turner, Admissions Secretary, says, “Neeley is always hospitable to every potential student who comes for a tour. She puts forth her best effort every day in the office. We can always depend on her to complete any task.”

At a young age, Neeley found her passion in helping others. When she was eight years old, Neeley’s family lost their home in a devastating fire. Her family struggled financially as they were forced to live in a hotel for nearly five months. “I have experienced things in life where I needed help from others. I understand the impact it has and the difference it makes. If I can be the person that helps someone and make a difference, I will help any way I can.” Neeley serves others by participating in her home church’s youth group and packing food bags for her community. She is also involved with Operation Christmas Child, led by Samaritan’s Purse. To help with flood relief in eastern Kentucky this past summer, Neeley brought donations from her home church to campus and the local community. She also helped deliver hot meals to those who had been affected.

Neeley is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and hopes to have a career in news reporting, specializing in journalism. Neeley’s interest in journalism and reporting came from her grandfather, who would keep newspaper clippings and read them with her. Neeley’s interest continued to grow as she realized she could continue her passion for serving others through her career. “I love getting to know people and storytelling. So, when I get to share people’s different walks of life, I hope I can help, inspire, and bring people together,” she said. “People’s situations can and will be different. But I like to believe that sharing stories, no matter how sad or hard, can help people and bring them together.”

This past May, Neeley accepted an intern position with Gray Media Group, Inc. at the local WYMT news station in Hazard, Kentucky. As an intern, Neeley has written web stories, produced newscasts, and shadowed reporters. “It has reassured me that I want to pursue my chosen career path. I have learned and grown so much.”

On campus, Neeley is involved in ALC’s Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry meets weekly to worship and separates one evening for women’s and men’s small groups. Neeley actively participates in the weekly meeting and women’s small group. Mary Turner, Director of Campus Ministries, said, “Campus Ministries has been a part of ALC for years. Impacting students in a positive, uplifting environment allows them to grow closer to God and form relationships with each other in small groups. Neeley is one of the many who take on the leadership role of serving her community and helping others. She has a servant’s heart, and I am proud and thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross.”

When asked about Neeley, most would describe her as “kind, loving, and a leader.”  Neeley exemplifies the traits Mrs. Lloyd hoped each student who walked the Purpose Road would acquire. Through servant leadership, Neeley will make a positive impact on the future generation of Appalachian leaders.

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Crocs, Gatorade Fit, and Walmart-branded cream cheese are among the fastest-growing brands of 2022

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Crocs, Gatorade Fit, and Walmart-branded cream cheese are among the fastest-growing brands of 2022

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