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8 artists who don't deserve their 2023 Grammys nominations — sorry

chris brown arcade fire grammys thumb
Chris Brown and Win Butler.
  • Nominations for the 2023 Grammy Awards were announced on Tuesday.
  • Some nominees are confusing or even infuriating, like Louis C.K., Chris Brown, and Arcade Fire.
  • DJ Khaled's "God Did" was erroneously nominated for song of the year.
DJ Khaled's "God Did" should not compete for song of the year.
god did DJ khaled
DJ Khaled released his 13th album "God Did" on August 26, 2022.

The titular track for DJ Khaled's 13th album "God Did" is notable only for its excellent Jay-Z verse. It's certainly not the song of the year — especially considering that it's a category designed to celebrate lyricism.

Getting nominated for best rap song and best rap performance is plenty, if not slightly overzealous.

Lizzo's "Special" isn't album of the year material.
lizzo 2 be loved music video
Lizzo in the "2 Be Loved" music video.

Lizzo's fizzy hit "About Damn Time" made a huge cultural impact (largely thanks to an irresistible TikTok trend) and will rightfully compete for both record and song of the year.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the project it belongs to, "Special."

Lizzo's fourth album is an underwhelming offering of empowerment pop that failed to reach the heights of its predecessor, "Cuz I Love You." A nod for best pop vocal album is fair, but album of the year is a big stretch.

Nor is Coldplay's "Music Of The Spheres."
coldplay my universe music video
Chris Martin in the "My Universe" music video.

Even for massive Coldplay fans, it must be a surprise to see the band receive two album of the year nominations in the past three years — a feat only matched by Taylor Swift.

Chris Martin is a consistent source of decent pop music, to be sure, but his group is far past its prime. "Music Of The Spheres" is not a cultural landmark like the title "album of the year" demands.

In fact, it's only notable thanks to "My Universe," the hit collaboration with BTS.

Somehow, Chris Brown is still getting nominated for Grammy Awards.
chris brown
Chris Brown performs during the "One of Them Ones Tour" in August 2022.

Chris Brown's "Breezy (Deluxe)" was nominated for best R&B album, which is an insult to his fellow nominees at best — and an insult to survivors of abuse at worst.

It continues to be upsetting that Brown is even allowed to compete for music's biggest awards after he has faced repeated accusations of violence against women, including threats, stalking, and even rape.

Arcade Fire was nominated for best alternative music album, despite credible accusations of sexual misconduct.
arcade fire
Arcade Fire performs in Madrid, Spain in September 2022.

Arcade Fire's "We" will compete for best alternative music album, even though the band's frontman Win Butler has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

Although Butler has "vehemently" denied any nonconsensual actions, the optics of his nomination are certainly questionable.

And to make matters worse, "We" is a bad album.

Louis C.K. was nominated for best comedy album (again) after admitting to repeated sexual harassment.
Louis ck
Louis C.K. released his comedy special "Sorry" on December 18, 2021.

For the second year in a row, Louis C.K. has been nominated for best comedy album.

For some reason, the Recording Academy has chosen to ignore the fact that he openly admitted to a pattern of sexual misconduct and then made light of the women's trauma.

Machine Gun Kelly's "Mainstream Sellout" is OK, not Grammy-worthy.
machine gun kelly 9 lives music video
Machine Gun Kelly in the "9 Lives" music video.

Machine Gun Kelly has made a fairly admirable pivot to pop-rock music after he launched his career with reductive rap, but that doesn't put "Mainstream Sellout" anywhere near the level of rockers like The Black Keys or Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly's fellow nominees for best rock album.

Jack Harlow's "Come Home the Kids Miss You" pales in comparison to other nominees for best rap album.
jack harlow first class music video
Jack Harlow in the "First Class" music video.

I have no problem with Jack Harlow's hit "First Class" getting a nod for best melodic rap performance — but "Come Home the Kids Miss You," as a holistic album, does not live up to Harlow's charm and hit-making potential.

Put alongside fellow nominees like "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers" by Kendrick Lamar and "It's Almost Dry" by Pusha T, the album's flaws become even more glaring.

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