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Where all of your favorite characters ended up on 'Dead to Me' season 2

dead to me judy jen
"Dead to Me" is a Netflix original dark comedy.
  • Netflix's dark comedy "Dead to Me" is airing its third and final season on Wednesday. 
  • Throughout season two, new characters, like Michelle, Ben, and Eleanor, were officially introduced. 
  • Season two ended on a cliffhanger and left fans with unanswered questions. 
By the end of the season, Jen Harding turns herself in for murder but is given a break.
Jen Dead to ME
Christina Applegate on "Dead to Me."

After ending season one by killing Steve Wood (James Marsden) in a blind rage, Jen (Christina Applegate) spends the majority of the second season dealing with her fear of getting caught.

Viewers learn that Jen called Judy (Linda Cardellini) right after she killed Steve, and the two become accomplices even though they were still at odds. 

Throughout season two, Jen and Judy hide their secret from Jen's two sons, Charlie (Sam McCarthy) and Henry (Luke Roessler). Eventually, Jen lets Judy move back in.

Jen also learns that Steve has an identical twin — Ben (Marsden) — and, throughout the season, the two become intimate. Jen struggles with her guilt about killing Steve and lying about it to Ben, so she eventually ends their relationship. 

Jen and Judy bury Steve's body in the woods and do their best to cover the murder, but Jen decides to confess after Charlie becomes a prime suspect in Steve's disappearance.  

Before confessing, Jen writes three separate goodbye letters to Judy and her two sons and leaves Judy as their legal guardian. Judy reads her letter but doesn't get the chance to give Jen's letters to Charlie and Henry. 

Then, Jen visits Detective Ana Perez (Diana-Maria Riva), confesses to murder, and attempts to take her to where Steve's body is buried.

The two don't find the body and, after bonding over both having lost a mother, Perez softens. She lets Jen off the hook and tells her to never mention the confession to anyone.

During the finale, Jen and Judy are waiting at a stop sign — one Jen had fought to be placed there earlier in the season — and their car is hit by a drunk driver, who viewers later find out is Ben. 

Judy Hale gets into a new relationship and retrieves a lot of money she'd hidden in her paintings.
Judy dead to me
Linda Cardellini on "Dead to Me."

Judy struggles throughout the season to get over the death of her ex-fiancé, Steve, while also helping Jen get rid of his body.

In the midst of it all, she finds a new love interest, Michelle (Natalie Morales), and works on rebuilding her friendship with Jen.

Judy also gets her paintings returned to her and she breaks them open, revealing huge amounts of cash hidden in the back of each.

With her new fortune, Judy helps Jen get full ownership of her house by buying out her mother-in-law. She refuses to use her money to help her mother, who is in prison, pay for legal help.

Judy also buys Charlie a new car, which gets hit during the finale while she and Jen are inside. 

Charlie Harding almost gets himself arrested, and he discovers the truth about his mom and Judy's bond.
Charlie Dead To Me
Sam McCarthy on "Dead to Me."

After getting upset at his mom, Charlie heads to his family's storage unit to take his dad's bike. Instead, Charlie finds a fancy car and decides it must've been a gift for him. In reality, the car belonged to Steve Wood and was meant to be kept hidden. 

While out on his joyride in Steve's car, Charlie and his girlfriend, Parker (Sadie Stanley), are caught on CCTV driving the car, and they also take photos with the car to commemorate the day.

To get rid of the evidence, Jen later sets the car on fire and pays Parker to delete all photos of Charlie with the car. However, Parker — who is upset with Charlie for choosing to date someone else — sends the photos to the police and Charlie becomes suspect in Steve's disappearance. 

During the finale, as Charlie is searching Judy's room for weed he could smoke, he discovers the letter that his mother wrote to Judy, which mentions that Judy was involved in his father's hit-and-run death. 

Henry Harding is still struggling with the death of his father.
Henry Dead To Me
Luke Roessler on "Dead to Me."

Not much has changed for the youngest of the Harding clan.

Just like the first season, Henry is under the impression that his deceased dad is visiting him in the form of a bird. Toward the end of season two, however, his friend, Shandy Adams (Adora Soleil Bricher), "accidentally" kills the bird, but keeps it from Henry. She later confesses and he ends their friendship.

And, after getting intense stage fright before his solo, Henry also seems to quit his choir group.

Though routinely boasting a hardened heart, Detective Ana Perez shows a softer side by not turning Jen in for murder.
Detective Perez dead to me
Diana-Maria Riva on "Dead to Me."

Detective Perez is still trying to find evidence Judy is a murderer, and her frustration grows stronger when she realizes her current roommate and ex-girlfriend, Michelle, is now dating her.

But by the end of the season, the ever-tough Perez has a change of heart.

After letting Jen get away with murder, Perez also gives Judy back all of her paintings that were seized during the FBI's investigation into Steve's financial crimes. 

Nick Prager rejoins the force and starts investigating Steve Wood's disappearance.
Nick  Dead to ME
Brandon Scott on "Dead to Me."

Nick (Brandon Scott) is an off-duty police officer who Judy briefly dated during season one before breaking up with him as he began to realize Steve and Judy had to do with the death of Jen's husband. 

During season two, however, Detective Perez visits Nick and tells him that everything he said about Judy and Steve was true. She invites him back to the force and asks him to help prove that Judy is responsible for Steve's disappearance.

After realizing Jen was going to turn herself in for killing Steve, Judy goes to the police station to meet with Nick. She gives him a bag of Steve's belongings that contain evidence that incriminates Steve and Steve's father, who also happens to be high up in the police department. 

Jen asks Nick to use the evidence to protect Jen, but backtracks when she realizes Jen didn't formally confess. 

Ben Wood's discovery of his brother's death leads him back down a dark road.
ben dead to me s2
James Marsden on "Dead to Me."

On the first episode of season two, viewers (and Jen) learn that Steve has a twin brother named Ben. 

Ben, who knows little about his brother's disappearance, falls for Jen and pursues a relationship with her. He also opens up to her about his struggles with alcohol addiction and his strained relationship with Steve.

During the finale, Ben receives a phone call that his brother's body has been found and he should come to confirm. After the call, he gets behind the wheel with a bottle of liquor and runs through a stop sign, hitting the car with Jen and Judy inside.

After he realizes what happened, Ben drives away from the scene of the crash before Jen and Judy could see who hit them. 


Although a newcomer, Michelle made an impact on Judy Hale's life.
dead to me michelle s2
Natalie Morales on "Dead to Me."

Michelle is the daughter of one of the residents who is staying at the nursing home where Judy works. 

Michelle and Judy begin to develop a relationship, and Michelle admits she still lives with her ex-girlfriend, who ends up being Detective Perez. 

Michelle's mother ends up in the hospital on life support and, all the while, Perez tries to convince Michelle that Judy is an unstable, accused stalker and murderer.

Unsure of what to believe, Michelle decides to take a break from Judy and move out of the home she shares with Perez. 

Judy and Michelle seem to reconcile by the end of the season, but it's unclear where their relationship stands. 

Karen ends the season by divorcing her husband.
Karen Dead to Me
Suzy Nakamura on "Dead to Me."

Although Jen's neighbor, Karen (Suzy Nakamura), has not had a huge role on either season of the show, she knows quite a bit and leaves a lasting impression. 

Karen starts off the season by revealing that she has a street camera that catches everyone who comes on their street. Paranoid, Jen convinces Karen to show her the footage. 

Later in the season, Karen stops at Jen's house and sees Ben is there. Mistaking Ben for Steve, Karen mentions that she saw him the other night arriving at Jen's house. Jen tells Karen that she is too drunk to know what she is talking about and makes her leave. 

At the end of the season, Karen finds out that her husband has been having an affair with a man and the two announce they're getting a divorce. 

Judy's mother Eleanor Hale is still in prison.
eleanor hale dead to me s2
Katey Sagal on "Dead to Me."

Judy's mother, Eleanor (Katey Sagal), makes a brief appearance on season two. 

Judy goes to visit her mother in prison, and Eleanor spends most of the visit trying to convince her to pay for her lawyers. After this fails, Eleanor tells Judy that it would be more helpful if she just wrote a letter to the judge to help free her.

Judy refuses to help Eleanor get out of prison, and she stands up to her.

Viewers also learn that, when she was younger, Judy testified against her mother — but it's still unclear what actually happened or why Eleanor is in prison. 

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