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I booked a stunning holiday villa but was horrified to find it was right next to a dirty, stinking swamp

AN influencer who booked to stay at a stunning holiday villa was left horrified to find it’s located right next to a dirty swamp.

Victoria Goulbourne, 28, was visiting Canggu in Bali when she discovered the view from her accommodation wasn’t as idyllic as she hoped.

Victoria shared the reality of her poolside view to TikTok
Chairs sit on the wooden deck with small shaded areas available to relax under
But in a video she showed a dirty creak next to her villa
Some viewers told Victoria she visited the tourist hotpot during the wrong season

In a video posted to TikTok, Victoria shows off the gorgeous pool at her villa which is surrounded by palm trees.

Reclining chairs are seen sitting on the wooden deck with small shaded areas available to relax under.

But as the camera pans, she reveals the gorgeous outdoor area backs onto a muddy swamp.

Text appears over the clip saying: “Insta vs reality Bali.”



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The video has been viewed a whopping 29.6million times, garnering 2.8million likes and more than 11,600 comments.

Viewers were divided over whether the post was a fair representation of the hugely-popular tourist spot.

Some believed she visited the Bali at the wrong time or didn’t spend enough money to avoid an underwhelming location.

One person said: “You went during rain season. Bali is still amazing anyways.”

Another advised: “Hahaha come back again when it’s not raining season.”

Someone else told her: “You pay for what you get. I’m sure four season isn’t like this.”

Some people were quick to defend the aesthetic of the Indonesia province.

One viewer said: “Bali is beautiful and just like every other place, it has a bad side too. Gotta do your research before you book.”

Another wrote: “Bali is beautiful in many aspects, but also gentrified by mass tourists in many areas.”

One more said: “These countries live off tourism so let’s be mindful of the content we choose to deliberately share.. show the good sides too not just the bad.”

Victoria’s video comes after a couple say they experienced the “holiday from hell“.

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The pair forked out £3,000 on a five-star trip abroad – only to find their hotels were “vile”.

Lauren Jones, 37, and Adam Donlevy, 36, went keen to jet away when they booked their dream trip to Singapore and Bali, but were left horrified by “bodily fluid” stains and mould in their rooms.

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