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'Smile' is now available to watch at home — here's how to stream the hit horror movie

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A creepy smiling face in peering out of an unzipped body bag from the movie poster for "Smile."
"Smile" is a new horror movie from Paramount Pictures.
  • "Smile," the new horror film from Paramount Pictures, is now available to watch at home.
  • You can stream the movie with a subscription to Paramount Plus ($5/month).
  • "Smile" is also available to buy for $20 from digital retailers like Amazon and Vudu.

"Smile," the creepy psychological horror movie from Paramount Pictures, is now streaming. The film is included with a subscription to Paramount Plus, and it's also available to buy for a one-time fee of $20 from digital retailers like Amazon, Vudu, and Apple TV. 

In "Smile," a doctor is haunted by troubling events after she witnesses a bizarre incident that involves a patient. With her life now in danger, she starts to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that seem to involve distorted smiling faces.

Check out the trailer for 'Smile'

Sosie Bacon ("Scream") plays the spooked doctor, Rose Cotter. She's joined by Jessie T. Usher ("Survivor's Remorse"), Kyle Gallner ("The Haunting in Connecticut"), Robin Weigert ("Sons of Anarchy"), Caitlin Stasey ("Reign"), Kal Penn ("Harold & Kumar"), and Rob Morgan ("This Is Us").  

"Smile" is writer and director Parker Finn's feature-film debut. The movie is based on his 2020 short "Laura Hasn't Slept." It's produced by Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey, Isaac Klausner, and Robert Salerno. 

How to watch 'Smile'

"Smile" is now available to watch on Paramount Plus. The movie made its streaming debut on November 15. Subscribers can stream the film in up to 4K quality with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound.

A Paramount Plus Essential plan costs $5 a month, and offers ad-supported access to the all of the service's on-demand movies and shows. For ad-free streaming, you need a Premium plan for $10 a month. This plan also gives you streaming access to your live local CBS station. 

The Paramount Plus app is available on most smart TVs, mobile devices, and streaming media players from major brands. Check the Paramount Plus website for a full list of supported devices.

Can I watch 'Smile' for free?

You can watch "Smile" for free if you sign up for a trial to Paramount Plus. The service gives new members their first seven days of streaming for free. After your trial, you'll be charged the regular subscription fee unless you cancel. 

Is 'Smile' available to buy or rent?

"Smile" is now available to buy from digital retailers like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, and Apple TV for $20 in up to 4K quality. This option does not require a subscription. Once you purchase the film, you can stream it whenever you like with no restrictions.

If you don't mind waiting a few weeks, however, a cheaper rental option for "Smile" is expected to launch in December. Though an official date hasn't been confirmed, it's likely that the movie will be available to rent by the time it hits Blu-ray on December 13. Rentals for new releases typically cost around $7.

Is 'Smile' a remake?

"Smile" is not a remake in the traditional sense, but it is an expansion of an earlier short film. The movie is based on director Parker Finn's short film "Laura Hasn't Slept," which was released in 2020.

Is 'Smile' worth watching?

Sosie Bacon standing in front of a wall with a red telephone handing on her right side a distraught expression on her face in the movie "Smile."
Sosie Bacon in "Smile."

"Smile" received generally positive reviews. As of November 15, the film holds a "79% Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics praise the movie's chilling imagery and lead performance, which could make it an excellent watch for viewers looking for a spooky movie night at home.

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