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The 25 best travel gadgets will make sure you're ready for anything on your next trip

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Photo illustration of a Bellroy Tech kit.
  • The right travel gadgets and accessories ensure you're ready for anything that comes your way.
  • Some must-have gear include a portable battery, noise-canceling headphones, and all-in-one charging hub. 
  • Our favorite travel-friendly tech gadgets will make navigating your next journey easier.

When it comes to packing for your next adventure, you probably already have a list of tech gadgets on your list: a phone, maybe a laptop or tablet, and possibly a smart watch. Otherwise, you may be wondering what other gizmos are worth lugging around. As it turns out, there's a lot to consider. 

Whether you're on a long-haul flight, a never-ending road trip, or just jetting around your destination, there are plenty of travel-appropriate tech gadgets that can make your next trip a breeze. 

From gear to ensure you're charged up to a TSA-approved massage gun to ail the aches of travel, here are our favorite travel tech gadgets and accessories to ensure you're ready for anything that comes your way.

Tile Pro
Tile Pro tracker (2022)
Tile Pro

After a summer of surging demand and low airline staffing levels, lost luggage has been on top of many people's minds. For keeping an eye on your valuables, put a Tile Pro or Apple AirTag in your checked baggage. We recommend Tile because it works for both Android and Apple devices, while utilizing the Tile user network to help you locate things that are much further away.

On the flipside: Apple's AirTag offers the same features, but only works with Apple devices. The AirTag connects to the Find My app built into every iPhone and iPad, which theoretically means it taps into a wider network of users to locate your item. Whichever you choose, consider a tracker in your luggage as personal insurance.

Sony WH-100XM5 Headphones
Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

If you want the latest and greatest in over-ear noise-canceling performance, it's the Sony WH-100XM5s. The XM5s sport an updated design with a narrower headband and wider earcups for a roomier fit. The drivers have been updated and the ANC (active noise cancellation) performance has been kicked up a notch thanks to two processors and eight noise-canceling microphones, up from the four microphones found on the previous-gen XM4s. Speaking of the XM4s, they're still a great option and cost $50 less.

Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds
Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds

It's a good idea to have a pair of wired earbuds to toss in your bag for a flight or a long road trip. And while there are plenty to choose from, Panasonic's ErgoFit are a tried-and-true budget pair you won't regret. Available in more than 15 colors, these earbuds are as basic as you can get, but they'll get the job done for under $20. Just note that you'll need a Lightning adapter for Apple devices.

Nimble Champ Portable Charger
Nimble Champ Portable Charger

The Champ charger is one of Nimble's smallest and lightest power banks, but it still packs a punch. It's designed to top up smaller devices, and supports up to 15W of charging through one USB-A port and one USB-C port. The battery's 10,000mAh capacity is enough to charge your phone or tablet for a weekend of use.

Bonus: Nimble is a certified B Corp with a commitment to sustainable consumerism currently unmatched in the consumer tech industry, from using non-traditional materials and plastic-free packaging, to its free e-waste recycling program.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery
Anker 622 Magnetic Portable Battery

If you own an iPhone 12, 13 or 14 and want to take advantage of MagSafe technology, this portable battery pack from Anker has a capacity of 5,000mAh, which is more juice than Apple's MagSafe battery pack, which is rated at 1,460mAh. The 622 is capable of wirelessly charging your phone at a max of 7.5 watts, but its best feature is the travel-friendly built-in kickstand. If you're looking for more power, Anker also sells a 10,000mAh version.

Anker 747 Charger
Anker 747 Charger

If you're a frequent traveler, you need a multiport charging hub. And Anker's GaNPrime-powered 747 Charger is one of the best you can buy right now. With three USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and 150W charging capacity, this compact charger can charge multiple devices — laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other small devices — quickly and all at once. And thanks to GaNPrime technology, the 747 is  smart enough to identify how many devices are connected and how much output each device needs.

Native Union Belt Cable Universal
Native Union Belt Cable Universal cable with micro-USB, USB-C, and Lighting connectors

When it comes to cables, it pays to have a spare just in case you lose one. For that, we recommend this universal cable from Native Union. Measuring at 6.5 feet long and made from braided nylon, the cord can quickly transition between micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors.

Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger with MagSafe
iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods charging on the Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger with MagSafe

Apple stans will appreciate Mophie's 3-in-1 charger, which has dedicated charging spots for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. We're not sure what we like more: the convenient carrying case or that it comes complete with a 30W USB-C wall adapter.

Moft Invisible Laptop Stand
Moft Invisible Laptop stand in silver color

When you're on the road, ergonomics is a challenge. Moft's "invisible" laptop stand is an ultra-thin portable stand that won't add any weight to your laptop, and only takes a second to put into action. It has two elevation angles (15 and 25 degrees), which you can adjust to whichever is more convenient for your sitting posture. Moft also sells stands for other devices, including the iPad and iPhone.

Epicka Universal Travel Power Adapter
Epicka Universal Travel Adapter in grey

If you're jet-setting across the world, a universal travel adapter is a must. And you won't find one that'll meet most simple charging needs than Epicka's all-in-one adapter. This handy plug is designed for phones, laptops, and other smaller devices. The retractable prongs allow it to work in more than 150 countries, and it has six charging ports: four USB ports, one USB-C port, and one universal AC socket. 

Yogasleep Rohm Travel Sound Machine
Yogasleep Rohm Travel Sound Machine

With Yogasleep's Rohm Travel Sound Machine, you can rest easily wherever the road takes you. It features three modes: bright white noise, deep white noise, and "gentle surf." And unlike other portable sound machines, it's powered by a rechargeable battery instead of disposable batteries. If you're looking for something more baby-friendly, the Hushh Compact Sound Machine features a soft LED night light and child-safe locks.

Kensington Privacy Screens
Kensington Privacy Screen on a MacBook Air laptop

When you think of tech privacy while traveling, you might think of VPNs, which allow you to connect to the internet through a secure server so you can work securely and remotely. But for added security, don't overlook privacy screens. Kensington sells a number of reliable privacy screens — some attached with magnets, others by an adhesive, depending on your laptop or tablet — that reduces viewing angles and filters blue light.

Bellroy Tech Kit
Bellroy Tech Kit open with accessories and cords

A dedicated tech bag can turn the roost of cables, cords, and techy accessories you travel with into a well-organized mobile workstation. While you should shop around to find a tech organizer bag that suits your particular needs, the Tech Kit from Bellroy is a quality option. It features a soft-shell body for added structure and protection, along with loops, pockets, and compartments to neatly store your essentials. It's also available in a compact size.

Etekcity Luggage Scale
Etekcity Luggage Scale in red

Overweight baggage fees can cost an arm and a leg and who knows what else, and they're especially tricky when traveling internationally. Etekcity's luggage scale is reliable and accurate, plus it's ultra portable and weighs under five ounces to easily fit in your bag.

TwelveSouth AirFly
Twelve South AirFly wireless headphone transmitter

A tiny dongle that lets you use your wireless headphones for in-flight entertainment? How smart. TwelveSouth's AirFly plugs into the audio jack so you can hear airline TV screens using your own personal headphones. And with more than 20 hours of battery life, it could last even the most long-haul flights. If you've got a travel companion, the AirFly Duo lets you connect two pairs of headphones at once.

Logitech K380 Keyboard
Logitech K380 wireless keyboard

Logitech's K380 keyboard is an excellent portable set of keys that has a small footprint that will make working even in the most cramped spaces a little more comfortable. It connects to any device that supports Bluetooth and pairs with up to three devices, which is perfect if you're switching between a laptop, tablet, and phone. It's ultra quiet, and can last two years one just two AAA batteries.

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod
Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod with an iPhone secured sideways in it.

Whether it's for timelapses, self-portraits, or video calls, a phone tripod can be surprisingly handy when you're on the go. Manfrotto makes some of the best travel tripods in the world, and its Pixi Mini Tripod folds up small (you can also use this tripod as a grip) and weighs less than a pound. Unlike some tripods, the Pixi Mini can be used with a large variety of devices thanks to its universal clamp.

Larq Bottle Filtered
LARQ stainless steel water bottle with filtration system

What do you get when you take a water filter and pack it into a water bottle? The Larq Bottle Filtered. Inside this double-wall insulated water bottle is a state-of-the-art filtration system that traps and removes contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and mercury for clean, fresh-tasting drinking water. The bottle can filter up to 40 gallons of water. If you're looking for the peace of mind to be able to drink safely from any tap, this is worth the investment.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 portable bluetooth speaker.

The newest ultra-portable speaker from Ultimate Ears, the Wonderboom 3 is a 360-degree speaker that should fulfill your travel needs. It has battery life of up to 14 hours on a single charge. There's an "Outdoor Boost" mode that cranks up the bass, and it can float if you throw it in water. This is a versatile little speaker that can also pair with another Wonerboom speaker for stereo sound.

Hypervolt Go 2
Hypervolt Go 2 Handheld Percussion Massage Gun and interchangeable heads

A must-have for preventing and easing the aches and pains of traveling, the Hypervolt Go 2 weighs just 1.5 pounds and lasts up to 3 hours on a single charge. With three speeds and two interchangeable heads, it can do wonders for a stiff neck, sore muscles, back pain and more. It's also surprisingly quiet. The Go 2 is TSA-approved, as long as it's packed in your carry-on. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a travel case. 

Nintendo Switch
Box of the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is designed as a portable console, so it makes it a no-brainer for anyone who prefers to occupy their travel downtime with a dedicated gaming device. The Switch has plenty of games to take advantage of handheld mode, and you'll have the option to play on a bigger screen when available. If you do intend to travel with the Switch, there are must-have accessories you should bring with you, including a backup battery, extra storage, and a carrying case.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K
Roku Streaming Stick 4K and remote control

If you're not traveling with a streaming stick, you're missing out on a simple travel hack. You can plug it into your hotel room or Airbnb's TV and stream your favorite movies and shows. Roku's Streaming Stick 4K is well-suited for travel, and will give you great picture quality, whether streaming in HD, 4K, or HDR. Just don't forget to bring the physical Roku remote.

Kindle Paperwhite
A Kindle Paperwhite displays "Chapter 1" on the screen

Easily one of the best Kindles you can buy right now, the 11th-generation Kindle Paperwhite includes a larger 6.8-inch, high-resolution display, adjustable warm lighting, responsive page-turning, and USB-C charging. The base Paperwhite comes with 8GB of storage, which should be plenty for most people (that's around 3,000 e-books).

Conair Extreme Steamer
Conair Extreme Steamer

Whether you're traveling for business, a wedding, or really just can't with wrinkled clothes, a fabric steamer is an all-too-forgotten travel essential. And while it's difficult to find a compact steamer, Conair's Extreme Steam strikes the perfect balance of size, dependability, and price. It heats up quickly and gives you 15 minutes of steam time.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 with instant photo

The Instax Mini 11 is a straighforward instant camera that's so easy to use that even kids can operate it. Instax Mini film is widely available, and would be easier to find locally if you ever run out of exposures. And the plastic camera is small enough to fit inside your daily bag.

If you prefer the full-size square photos, and weight and size isn't an issue, the Polaroid Now+  is worth a look — just fair warning that the camera is chunky and not as travel-friendly as the Instax Mini 11. 

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