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Bombas makes the most comfortable and durable socks we've ever worn. Plus, they donate a pair for every pair sold.

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Before Bombas became the internet's favorite socks brand, the company came from humble beginnings. Founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg wanted to create quality socks that were better than basic multi-packs, yet more affordable than technical performance pairs.  

During their market research phase, the two learned early on that socks were the number one requested item in homeless shelters. So they founded Bombas in 2013, and set out to accomplish two things — make the perfect socks for everyday wear and give back to those in need by donating a pair for every sale.

Two years of detailed research and development — and one fateful episode of Shark Tank later — and Bombas sent a genuinely exciting update to the lowly sock out into the mainstream.

What makes Bombas different from other socks?

A person's sock-clad feet besides a variety of bombas socks on the ground.

High quality construction and detailed design are the two major factors that make Bombas different and better than other socks. While the brand has common styles like crew, calf, and ankle socks, you'll also find heavyweight wool hiking socks, lightweight running socks, dress socks, tennis socks, grippy socks, and so much more.

Regardless of which style you choose, Bombas is known for its proprietary Honeycomb Arch Support System. The technology cradles the arch of your foot for a snug, yet comfortable fit. It also helps to prevent your socks from losing shape after a few wears and washes. Every pair of Bombas socks also has a seamless toe and a Y-Stitched Heel, which creates a natural cup around your heel to prevent slippage.

A close-up of the Y-Stitch Heel on Bombas socks
A close-up of the Y-Stitch Heel on Bombas socks.

Other useful design features include blister tabs on its ankle socks, thoughtfully placed tension, or "Stay-Up technology" on calf socks, and a combination of heel grips and contoured seams on no-shows. These features are what makes Bombas socks a little more expensive than your average pair from Target, but we think the price is well worth it because of how long they last.

For every pair of socks you purchase, Bombas also donates another pair to someone in need.  The same goes for Bombas underwear and T-shirts. To date, the company is responsible for donating more than 75 million items, all of which are specially designed to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Bombas is also a certified B-Corp, meaning it has volunteered to be graded by the nonprofit B Lab each year to ensure they're meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. You can find other B-Corps we love to shop at here.  

Bombas socks styles: Which ones should you buy?

Bombas categorizes it's socks for men and women, but it's worth noting that the designs are essentially unisex and that anyone can wear any of the socks. Just pay attention to the size chart and you'll find pairs that fit your feet in both sections. Bombas also frequently does collabs (a past favorite of ours was with Sesame Street) and offers tons of seasonal color and design options.

There's a style for nearly every use, so what you buy should depend on how you're going to wear them. 

Here's a breakdown of all the styles Bombas offers and what they're good for:

Amir's review of Bombas Socks

A person showing off the bottoms of their Bombas Gripper Socks while laying on a couch

As a shoe collector with hundreds of pairs of sneakers, socks are one of the most important essentials for me. From finding pairs that match my shoes — whether they're sneakers, dress shoes, or boots — to seeking comfort and durability, I'm definitely more particular about socks than the average person and Bombas has always met my expectations.

My favorite feature on almost every pair of Bombas socks is the cushioned footbeds in its ankle socks and thicker hiking pairs. They're a lot more plush and padded than socks you'd typically find in a multi-pack. Not only is there an immediate difference in comfort with no shoes on, but I've noticed that my feet are more comfortable in my shoes, too.

I'm also a fan of its socks for lounging around the house. The Gripper Socks are a particular favorite because the bottoms keep me from sliding around on slick floors.

Bombas socks also last for years. Some of the first pairs of Bombas I got more than three years ago are still wearable today, even after countless trips through the washer and dryer. 

Sally's review of Bombas Socks

Several styles of Bombas socks laid out on the floor
Just a few of Sally's Bombas socks

I've tested a lot of brands over the years for Insider Reviews, but Bombas has come out on top every time. In fact, bout a year ago, I cleared out my entire sock drawer and filled it exclusively with Bombas because all my other socks had been shoved to the back of the drawer anyway! 

The heel tab on a pair of Bombas socks
The heel on Bombas ankle socks has a no-slip, no-blister tab around the back that sits above the heel of the sneaker so I never get blisters.

The ankle socks are probably my favorite style because I wear sneakers almost every day. The back of the heel features a cushioned rim that sits just above the sneaker heel and doesn't slip down. The Honeycomb technology in the arch also supports my feet for long days of walking or running errands. 

Bombas also makes specialty socks for different types of athletic activities, and they're all better than anything I've tried even from brands that specialize in specific sock categories. For example, I prefer Bombas hiking socks to brands like Smartwool for long days on the trail because they're rugged enough to hold their shape, they never slip down in my hiking boots, and they keep my feet insulated when it's cold. I also wear its Gripper socks for yoga class because they keep me from sliding on my mat, even after having tested several grippy yoga sock brands. You can read my full review of Bombas Gripper socks here in case you want to see more close-up photos. 

All of this to say, Bombas socks are the only ones I buy anymore because they're simply the best in quality and design.

Kayla's review of Bombas Socks

Side-by-side collage: The tops and inside of the Bombas Women's Merino Wool Gripper House Socks // The tops of the Bombas Women's Merino Wool Calf Socks coming out of Black Converse
While the Merino Wool Gripper House Sock has become my designated slipper, the Merino Wool Calf Socks are my go-to sock that pairs well with chunky sneakers or under boots.

I lose a lot of socks, which means I often just resort to finding two similarly colored socks and calling it a day. My Bombas, however, are socks I've worked overtime not to lose.

The Merino Wool Gripper House Socks have officially replaced my house shoes, thanks to the cozy, thick material that holds its shape and keeps my feet insulated against my cool wooden floors. They're almost like a slipper sock, but not quite as heavy, making them perfect for in-between days when it's too cold for thin socks but a little warm for shearling slippers. They also have grippy dots on the bottom that prevent sliding.

While the Gripper House Socks have never seen the sole of any of my shoes, my Merino Wool Calf Socks certainly have.The inclusion of wool makes them moisture-wicking, and the tall calves allow me to fold them down a bit and scrunch them up so they peek out of my Nike Dunks or Chuck Taylors. 

The bottom line

Bombas might be more expensive than most socks brands, but between the quality, comfort, durability, and the philanthropic efforts of the company, they're well worth adding to your drawer. 

We completely understand that completely replacing all of your socks at once with Bombas could be very costly, but we're positive that after adding one or two pairs to collection, you'll want to buy more.

Insider readers can save 20% on Bombas socks by using the exclusive promo code  "INSIDER20" at checkout.

Shop all Bombas socks here.

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