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I’m A Celeb fans urge producers to crack down on ‘rule breaker’ Charlene White

I’M A Celebrity fans have demanded ITV bosses hold “rule-breaker” Charlene White to account.

Viewers of the hit reality series were irked last night as the Loose Women panelist, 42, didn’t sleep in the camp’s RV – despite being appointed deputy leader.

I’m A Celeb fans have demanded show bosses hold ‘rule breaker’ Charlene White to account[/caption]
The Loose Women star refused to sleep in the RV van last night

Matt Hancock MP appointed Charlene to the post, yet she was less than impressed with the sleeping arrangement and opted out of the jungle bedroom after being scared of a spider.

The newsreader broke down in tears after finding the spider in her bedroom, and she said: “I can’t do this tonight.”

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, the presenter said: “My bravery levels are done for today. I really don’t want to have to sleep in the RV.”

Camp Leader Matt was left to sleep alone in the RV as Charlene went to sleep in her hammock.



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Fans were quick to smell a rat, and suggest her RV refusal had nothing to do with a creepy crawly – branding the star a “rule breaker.”

They have now demanded Charlene be “punished” for flouting the rules.

One took to Twitter to rage: “Why isn’t Charlene or the camp being punished for deliberately rule breaking by not sleeping in the RV….why should she get her own way…??”

A second put: “How has Charlene not been punished for defying the rules?” while a third put: “If Charlene doesn’t sleep in the RV doesn’t that go against the rules, therefore the camp will be punished? I bloody hope so. Bring some drama. Let them win stars then take them away. #imaceleb.”

Another added: “Will Charlene / the celebrities be penalised for not sleeping in the RV? I’m sure in previous years they’ve classed things like that as a “rule break” and there’s been some sort of punishment for it?”

One then concluded: “Charlene should be punished for not following rules can’t lie.”

Last night, one viewer simply insisted: “Charlene is a rule breaker.”

The star has been having a mixed time on the show, and it’s not the first time she’s broken down in tears.

The Loose Women presenter cried about missing her children Alfie, five, and Florence, three, on the first night in camp.

Recently, Charlene was slammed over her “snide” comments directed towards West Suffolk MP Matt.

Charlene and Sue Cleaver were visibly unimpressed when Matt was voted by the public to take part in the next trial – and wasted no time in discussing it.

Sitting next to Charlene, the actress questioned: “He must be quite funny doing the trials.

“Do you think they will get bored of it or do you think they will just carry on. There is a lot of anger isn’t there?”

Charlene laughed and replied: “Yeah, they’ll just carry on, it’s an outlet.”

hose watching at home were not impressed and took to Twitter to comment on it.

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One person said: “Charlene is a nasty piece of work #ImACelebrity.”

A second added: “There’s something really sneaky about Sue. Not fussed on Charlene either #ImACelebrity.”

Charlene said her bravery levels were ‘done’ after finding a spider[/caption]
Matt Hancock MP appointed Charlene as his camp deputy[/caption]
Show fans demand Charlene is ‘punished’ for not following show orders


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