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Aldi is selling a new range of beers for the World Cup – and they cost from just £1.69 a can

ALDI has announced a new range of beers for World Cup fans – hitting shelves this month.

The lineup includes four limited edition cans – each costing just £1.69.

Four new beers are coming to Aldi ahead of the football World Cup[/caption]
The flavours each represent a different country[/caption]

Aldi is stepping up the game this year with four new 440ml cans ahead of the football Qatar World Cup.

To cheers the start of the tournament on Sunday, November 20, footy fans can grab a can from the new Hop Foundry range in stores only from November 17.

The flavours celebrate four countries from around the world.

The lineup includes:

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Aldi shoppers are scrambling for its Whispering Angel dupe & it’s so cheap


I’m a mum-of-6, here’s everything I bought in Aldi to feed a family of eight

  • Australia 10 Pacific Ale: Described as a drink ‘down under’, this one is specially crafted with Australian Hops. It’s low in bitterness and smooth with fruity aromas – ideal if you love a pale ale.
  • England 66: English lager fans – this one’s for you. It’s got just four ingredients to make it light, crisp and refreshing with a mature flavour.
  • Germany 13: Based on the classic German Kolsch style lager, this one originates from Cologne. Again light with a splash of bitterness, it’s a classic beer which is fermented with ale yeast and long matured.
  • Japan 7: This one is a Japanese-style rice beer – perhaps one you might like to try if you haven’t already. It’s dry, light and very refreshing.

But make sure to have a look around elsewhere in case there are similar versions on other supermarkets.

We couldn’t find any flavours similar to those anywhere, but we had a look at some other beer prices to compare them to.

Sainsbury’s currently has a sale on its 12 pack of 330ml Heineken – now £9, down from £12.

That equals to roughly £1.30 per bottle, but bear in mind these are smaller than the Aldi cans.

And Tesco sells six 330ml Birra Moretti cans for £6.75 – so just under 90p each.

But if you are browsing for beer ahead of the big match, make sure to drink responsibly. You can find more help and advice by visiting

In other news, boozers will now be hit with a £360million blow just as rising costs have sent the price of a pint soaring.

The end of the beer duty freeze will add 33p to the typical cost of a lager — which is already up by eight per cent to £4.13.

Emma McClarking, of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: “Many just managed to pull through the pandemic but what we are facing now is crippling businesses at an unprecedented rate.

“We need the beer duty freeze reinstated.”

Pubs have been struggling with rising energy, food and staffing bills.

About 50 a month are closing, with beer sales tumbling by 10% this year.

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Squeezed Brits in line for up to £1,100 boost under Sunak Budget plan

The freeze announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng in September gave a ray of hope — only for successor Jeremy Hunt to abandon it a few weeks later.

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I'm convinced Facebook Marketplace is Meta's best feature after I furnished my new apartment with used furniture

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