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More than 1,500 homes lose power after torrential rain and gales lead to flooding

Someone crossing the road in the dark.
Hundreds of households woke up to no electricity this morning after a night of heavy rain (Picture: Rex)

More than 1,500 households were hit with power cuts after flooding caused chaos in low-lying areas of the UK.

Almost 50 houses in Plymouth, Devon, were among the first to be hit by blackouts after heavy rain and gales swept in from the Atlantic at around 4am today.

In west Wales, more than 50 homes near Tenby woke up to no electricity.

As the weather moved further inland, 70 homes were blacked out near Nottingham, 86 at Loughborough, 70 near Coventry, 30 near Wolverhampton and almost 50 in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Both the Met Office and the Environment Agency have issued yellow weather warnings – several of which are still in place.

A warning for rain, flooding and disruption to travel applies to parts of Scotland between Perth and Aberdeen until 9pm.

The ford at Charvil is closed once again due to rising water levels after the heavy rainfall.
The ford at Charvil in Reading was closed because of the heavy rain (Picture: Shutterstock)
Drains overflow during the continued heavy rainfall.
Drains completely overflowed in Playhatch, Oxfordshire (Picture: Shutterstock)
A commuter battles to control her umbrella against the wind and rain on Putney Bridge, south-west London.
Torrential rain and gale-force winds swept in from the Atlantic overnight (Picture: LNP)

Southern parts of the UK are once again at risk tomorrow – with a warning covering Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and Canterbury until from 5pm until 6am the next day.

Heavy rain and flooding can make travel especially dangerous.

A track on the Portsmouth Direct Line was brought to a complete halt in Haslemere, Surrey, this morning.

Engineers posted footage showing water pouring onto the track, adding they were ‘concerned it may dislodge ballast and affect the level of the track’.

Police in Devon warned drivers over greasy slush on roads created by autumn leaves mixing with the rain.

One traffic officer said: ‘Drivers should slow down because some roads, specially where they are lined with trees, are like they are in winter when there is ice.

‘You can easily skid and crash if you’re going too fast.’

Weather warning.
Southern parts of the country are covered by a weather warning tomorrow (Picture: The Met Office)

A crash involving a car and a van on the rain-lashed M32 in Bristol caused
huge rush-hour traffic jams in the stormy weather.

Queues stretched back miles after the accident on the northbound carriageway, with drivers warned it could take at least half an hour to get through.

It is not yet known how many people have been hurt or how seriously.

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