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2022 Orioles #7 Prospect Joey Ortiz – SS

No one in the system took a bigger jump in prospect status then Ortiz who comes in as the #7 prospect.

Joey Ortiz
Pos: SS/2B
Bats: R
Throws: R
Age (as of Jun 30th) : 23
2021 Level: AA/AAA

Tools (current/future value)
Hit: 40/50
Game Power: 45/50
Raw Power: 50/50
Run: 50/50
Defense: 55/60

Most Likely Future Role: Starting SS
Ceiling: 1st Division Starting SS


What we know: Despite missing most of 2021 due to a left shoulder injury that required labrum surgery last year, Ortiz was sent directly to Bowie to start 2023. The former 4th round pick started the season slow as he admittedly was not 100% strength wise at the start of the season. Through July 10th, Ortiz slashed just .216/.274/.328/.601 with just four home runs and 59Ks and just 19 BBs in 314 PAs. Then, whether it was because he started to get fully healthy or because he made some adjustments, Ortiz became a completely different player. Over the next 38 games, he slashed .372/.453/.703/1.156 with 11 home runs and 14 doubles, 22 BBs and 22Ks in his next 171 PAs. That heater earned him a promotion to Norfolk where he didn’t stop hitting, slashing .346/.400/.567/.967 with 11 extra base hits, including four homers while striking out 17 times in 115 PAs.

Ortiz uses a gap to gap approach with a very balanced approach at the plate, rarely fooled on breaking pitches or beaten with fastballs. He will chase a low and away slider on occasion, but over his last 286 PAs between Bowie and Norfolk, there was not a better hitter in the system. His 7.4% overall (7.5% (AA) and 7.1% (AAA)) swinging strike rates was the lowest in the system and his 16.3% K rate was second only to Cesar Prieto for any hitter with more than 300 PAs.

He’s more of a pull power guy so Camden Yards could degrade some of his power, but he’s a gap to gap guy who will still hit his share of doubles.

Defensively, he’s easily the best defensive shortstop in the system who is major league ready with the glove. He has plus range, very good hands, turns the double play well, has great baseball instincts, and a solid average major league shortstop arm. When he plays second base he’s a plus-plus defender there, but his value and future is at shortstop long term.

What we don’t know: It’s rare to have a player with such a tale of two seasons, but the defense was consistent throughout the season. While the defense is no doubt major league ready, the question is whether Ortiz’s bat is for real or whether he was just on an incredibly heater.

What we think: No one upped his stock more than Ortiz in 2022 as he made himself a legitimate everyday shortstop prospect. Personally, I like him more than some others due to his outstanding swinging strike and K rates, but he needs to prove it next year. He’ll get his opportunity next spring, but could find himself back in AAA depending on offseason moves and his performance next spring. If Ortiz can become an everyday 1st Divisions shortstop, his ranking could be a little low, even in this deep system. Don’t count him out in winning an opening day start at either SS or 2B in 2023.

The post 2022 Orioles #7 Prospect Joey Ortiz – SS appeared first on Orioles Hangout.


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