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I’m A Celeb’s Olivia Attwood reunites with fiancé Bradley Dack as she breaks silence on shock jungle exit

I’M A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star Olivia Attwood has reunited with her fiancé Bradley Dack after being forced to leave the jungle.

The former Love Island contestant – who rose to fame in 2017 – had to fly home to the UK after a medical drama saw her rushed to A&E.

Olivia and Brad were seen leaving the London venue[/caption]
The reality star glammed up for the night out on Monday[/caption]

Olivia, 31, has now been reunited with her beau Bradley, 28, as the pair headed out for a swanky dinner together on Monday night.

The couple got all dressed up to dine at Zuma in London in their first public appearance together since Olivia quit I’m A Celebrity.

The reality TV star donned grey jeans, a black top and a white coat for the outing, accessorising with a designer bag and scarf.

She let her long blonde locks trail down in light waves, as she sported a glamorous palette of make-up and a fresh set of acrylic nails.



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Meanwhile, professional footballer Bradley looked suave in cream trousers and a cream coat, which he paired with a zip-up top and brown suede shoes.

The couple smiled for the cameras as they left the popular venue, and got into a waiting car to head home together.

It comes after Olivia hinted at a “cover-up” over her shock exit from I’m A Celebrity last week – after spending just 24 hours in the jungle.

The TV star was rushed to A&E after abnormal blood test results.

Despite getting the all-clear, Olivia‘s health sparked overnight crisis talks before it was ruled unsafe for her to return.

Olivia today told how follow-up tests by an Australian doctor AND professionals in the UK both revealed her results were “normal”.

“I’ve had more tests done in the UK and they’re all still fine,” Olivia told ITV’s This Morning. It makes it harder to accept.”

Olivia explained she was pulled out of camp on the first day for “routine medical checks” for each of the celebrities.

“The results came back that my iron was low, so it was showing I was anaemic. My potassium and sodium were really low, all the markers you’d look for were low.

“They said I’d need to go into A&E. I was admitted, they re-ran all their own checks and they came back normal.

“Just before leaving the UK I’d had all those checks and everything was normal. The first thing I did was say to the camp doctor ‘is that possible for it to change in such a short amount of time’.

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“He didn’t really have an answer, but said ‘it’s not normal that’s why we need to see what’s going on’.

“I was thinking ‘am I pregnant, have I picked up a virus?’ I felt well, I didn’t feel unwell – there was nothing. I felt healthy. I was loving it. I was even more confused. It was all really strange.”

The TV star was reunited with Bradley Dack after quitting I’m A Celeb[/caption]
Olivia was forced to leave the jungle after a medical drama

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