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I was fed up of my favourite trainers being full of creases – but a genius hack got them looking brand new in seconds

TRAINER enthusiasts know how frustrating it can be to find your favourite pair covered in creases – especially if you forked out a fortune for it.

This is what one self-confessed sneaker fan used to struggle with… until he came up with a genius hack that transforms grubby trainers and brings them back to life in just seconds.

The trainer enthusiast revealed how to erase creases almost instantly – and there are o harsh chemical products involved
According to him, all you need to do is place a rolled-up sock inside, before covering the trainer with a wet towel and going over with an iron

The street style lover, known as Sneaker Reseller on Instagram, took to social media to demonstrate the steps – and it’s easier than you’d think.

According to the fashion fanatic, you first need to remove the laces of the shoes and place a rolled-up sock inside.

Then, he showed in the video, place a wet towel on top of the creases and go over with a hot iron.

The sock and iron will act like a duo erasing all creases, making your trainers look like brand new almost instantly.

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Pleased with the results, Sneaker Reseller gave himself a thumbs up, claiming the fashion hack is not one to sleep on.

”100% effectivity,” he wrote in the caption, showing the amazing Before and After of his pastel kicks.

However, whilst the trick may be a staple in his wardrobe, social media users were not impressed.

One hit back: ”Just grow up and let them be creased maybe do it if you’re looking to sell but overall not worth removing creases if it’ll make it worse in the future.”

Someone else urged fellow trainer fans to be careful with giving the trick a go, writing: ”Remember every shoe quality is different.”

”It worked…but the crease will back in short time,” another reckoned.

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Speaking of trainers and giving them a makeover – how does one get rid of that nasty smell lingering around?

Well, one sneaker head has the answer to keeping them in top pristine condition – and smelling fresh.

The streetwear fan, who regularly shares trendy sneaker finds and shopping hauls, took it social media to share his expertise and favourite cleaning hacks.

”If can’t buy your insoles and you’re like me, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take some tape.

”You’re gonna cover whichever part of the insole you wanna cover.”

He went on to explain: ”This is gonna keep your insoles fresh for years and it’s gonna last a lifetime – trust me.”

Whilst for most people the state of the sole is of little importance, die-hard sneaker fans know how essential it is to keep the bottom of the trainers squeaky clean.

”Next, we’re talking about soles. Now, I have a pair of sole protectors on these 11s [Nike Jordan 11] and honestly, you can tell how much dirt and stuff would’ve gone on the sole if I didn’t have it.

”I like to keep my pairs fresh cause look what happens if you don’t; look, eww,” Kev said whilst zooming in a dirty shoe full of marks.

”It’s normal – but eww.”

Nothing can make an outfit break like a lingering smell coming from your footwear – and luckily, there are ways to keep them fresh without spraying expensive perfume.

For this, the whizz advised, grab some dryer sheets and put them inside the trainer.

This simple hack will get rid of any nasty odours and make the shoes smell nice.

With more than a whopping 1.7million views, the clip has gone viral on the social media giant and has seen many share their thoughts.

One person commented: ”1st lowkey smart if you plan on reselling them in the future.”


However, there were also plenty of those who thought Kev had taken his obsession with sneakers too far.

”they are just shoes lmao,” said one user.

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Someone else was wondering: ”What’s the point of wearing a shoe then.”

A third agreed: ”defeats the whole purpose of shoes, y’all actin like it’s a investment.”

The bloke claimed the hack was not one to sleep on, as it’s ”100 per cent effective”[/caption]
His pastel kicks now looked brand new after the genius hack

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