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Warriors are sending James Wiseman to the G League

Anthony Slater: Steve Kerr said James Wiseman will go to the G-League tomorrow and stay down there for an extended time. Warriors want to get him reps. Said it could be 10 consecutive days or longer.
Source: Twitter @anthonyVslater

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
“This is not a demotion. This is not a punishment.”
ESPN story on the Warriors’ decision to send James Wiseman to the G League for an extended stint:…2:38 AM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Couldn’t hear all of what he said, but Jordan Poole just gave James Wiseman what looked like a helluva pep talk – 1:20 AM
Madeline Kenney @madkenney
Jordan Poole says he has the upmost confidence in Wiseman: “He’s talented, he’s curious, he’s hungry, he’s gifted, he’s humble and has all the pieces you need to be successful.” – 1:09 AM
Madeline Kenney @madkenney
Jordan Poole played in the G League bubble and was better for it. He told James Wiseman, “It’s not a demotion, it’s not a punishment.” – 1:09 AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Jordan Poole says he has the utmost confidence James Wiseman is going to dominate the G League – 1:06 AM
Madeline Kenney @madkenney
JUST IN: James Wiseman will be sent to Santa Cruz Tuesday, coach Steve Kerr says.…1:00 AM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
Kerr announces Wiseman is going to the G League tomorrow. “We want to give him maybe 10 straight days, something like that, and come back. We all know things happen in this league and he’s gonna find his way back to the rotation at some point.” – 12:49 AM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Steve Kerr said James Wiseman will go to the G-League tomorrow and stay down there for an extended time. Warriors want to get him reps. Said it could be 10 consecutive days or longer. AM

Madeline Kenney @madkenney
James Wiseman is going to Santa Cruz tomorrow and the Warriors are keeping him there for 10 days, Kerr says. – 12:48 AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
James Wiseman is going to Santa Cruz tomorrow. The Warriors are going to keep him there for an extended period. Steve Kerr says Wiseman could in Santa Cruz for at least 10 days – 12:48 AM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Kerr says the James Wiseman will head down to the Santa Cruz Warriros tomorrow and will spend an extended period of time there, possibly 10 days. – 12:48 AM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Steve Kerr said James Wiseman is being sent to Santa Cruz tomorrow and will do an extended period to get some reps – 12:48 AM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
James Wiseman will be assigned to Santa Cruz tomorrow, per Steve Kerr. – 12:47 AM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
Wiseman checks in to cheers at Chase Center, unlike you haters, send tweet – 11:57 PM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
With the Warriors comfortably leading by 41 points, it’s finally James Wiseman time. – 11:56 PM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
James Wiseman
First career game: Dec. 22, 2020
50th career game: Nov. 14, 2022 – 11:56 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
James Wiseman checking into the game. Warriors up 41 early fourth quarter vs Spurs. Loud ovation from the crowd. – 11:56 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
James Wiseman enters the game. It’s been a while. – 11:56 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Here comes James Wiseman – 11:56 PM
Madeline Kenney @madkenney
Here comes James Wiseman. – 11:56 PM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Here comes Wiseman – 11:56 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
James Wiseman is on the stationary bike at the start of the fourth quarter. With the Warriors up 31, there’s a good chance he sees some playing time. He’s been a DNP the last three games. – 11:52 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
James Wiseman just went to the stationary bike at the start of the fourth quarter. Warriors up 31. He’s likely to enter soon, assuming lead doesn’t melt rapidly. – 11:50 PM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Warriors up 31 entering the fourth … and he brings Draymond back in
The question now is when does he go to the mop-up lineup and will Wiseman be in it? – 11:50 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
James Wiseman just went to the stationary bike, a good sign that we might see him tonight – 11:50 PM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
Wiseman heading to the bike! – 11:50 PM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
A 31-point lead for the Warriors heading into the 4Q. Wiseman time? Or a 4th DNP? – 11:48 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
The Warriors are up by 29 points in the third quarter. The only two active players who haven’t entered are James Wiseman and Ryan Rollins – 11:26 PM

More on this storyline

“What I love about James is that he’s got incredible character and work ethic, and care for the team. An unbelievable teammate,” Kerr said. “Wise is all in on the team. Because of his talent, because of all those characteristics I just talked about, I’m a huge believer that long-term he’s gonna be a really good player. But he needs reps, he needs to play, and it’s not easy when you don’t get minutes. It’s hard for anybody.” -via Clutch Points / November 15, 2022
Kylen Mills: Kevon Looney says he believes James Wiseman is going to figure it out, and the team is going to need him. Looney brings up that he’s been in & out of the rotation before, and it’s tough. He’s says he’s telling Wiseman to stick with it, his time will come. #dubnation -via Twitter @KylenMills / November 12, 2022


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