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A private island in Canada with a home and a guest cottage is on sale for less than $1 million. Take a look.

Rainy Lake Island
This private island in Canada is on sale for $750,000.
  • Rainy Lake Island, a private island in Ontario, Canada, is on the market for $750,000. 
  • It features a two-bedroom home and a guesthouse with a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen. 
  • The property has a wood-fired pizza oven, an eight-person hot tub, and sunset views on the lake.
This entire island in Canada could be yours for just $750,000.
Rainy Lake Island
Rainy Lake Island is located in Ontario, Canada.

Rainy Lake Island, a private island in Ontario, is currently on the market. You can find its listing on Private Islands Inc.

Rainy Lake Island is located just one mile from the border of Minnesota.
Rainy Lake Island
The private island is on sale for $750,000.

The property is east of Fort Frances, Ontario, and International Falls, Minnesota.

Rainy Lake Island comes with 0.75 acres of land.
Rainy Lake Island
The property is east of Fort Frances, Ontario, and International Falls, Minnesota.

The island has two buildings that are ready for year-round living, according to the listing.

The main house on the island has two bedrooms.
House on Rainy Lake Island
There are two properties on the private island, both ready for year-round living.

The 1,800-square-foot property also features a large bathroom with a soaker tub and walk-in shower. 

The home has a spacious kitchen …
Kitchen on Rainy Lake Island
The kitchen features wood furniture and big windows.

The bright kitchen features wooden furniture, plenty of windows, and a pantry.

… and a big dining space.
Dining room on Rainy Lake Island
The dining area is bright, airy, and spacious.

You could easily host a big family meal in the airy dining room.

The sun-soaked living room also has plenty of space.
Living room on Rainy Lake Island
The living room has sliding doors for easy lake access.

And its sliding doors will take you right out to the lake.

The bedrooms have beautiful views of the water.
Bedroom on Rainy Lake Island
One of the bedrooms in the property.

A morning swim has never been easier.

And there's even a stunning sunroom.
Den on Rainy Lake Island
The sunroom is surrounded by windows that offer breathtaking views.

According to the listing, the sunroom offers "spectacular lake, sunset, and sunrise views." 

There's also a second building on the private island.
House on Rainy Lake Island
The second property on Rainy Lake Island also has a bedroom.

You could easily turn the 1,100-square-foot space into a guesthouse.

The smaller property has its own kitchen.
Kitchen on Rainy Lake Island
The kitchen in the second property.

There's also a room that can be turned into a bedroom, as well as a bathroom.

The home also has a large living room with plenty of windows.
Den on Rainy Lake Island
The living room in the second property has large windows.

You'll also find an infrared sauna at the second property. 

The backyard features a patio that comes with a large wood-fired oven.
Backyard on Rainy Lake Island
There's plenty of space for entertaining — and pizza.

The space is perfect for entertaining and al fresco dining, and you can use the oven to make some delicious bread or pizza.

There's a swimming dock for easy lake dips.
Backyard on Rainy Lake Island
The swimming dock on Rainy Lake Island.

The private island also has an eight-person hot tub on the lake's edge.

And great spots for boating and fishing.
Dock on Rainy Lake Island
There's a boat dock with its own shed on the private island.

According to the listing, the private island sits on the 65-mile-long Rainy Lake, which provides "world-class fishing and is perfect for canoeing and kayaking." The listing also states that the lake "makes an amazing natural skating rink in the winter." 

A pontoon boat is included with the property, and Rainy Lake Island provides easy boating access to resorts and marinas on both sides of the border — with nearby spots for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter. 

There are paths and gardens throughout Rainy Lake Island if you'd rather take a stroll.
House on Rainy Lake Island
There are gardens, a pond, and pathways all throughout the private island.

There are also fire pits and a pond on the property that circulates water from the lake, according to the listing.

And when you still want to stay connected, there's always free high-speed internet.
Rainy Lake Island
Rainy Lake Island is 0.75 acres.

The listing states that Rainy Lake Island also has power, a water filter system, and a septic system. 

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Portuguese artist Santiago Ribeiro exhibit in Moscow

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