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I’m ‘ASDA girl’ – its latest collection is perfect for Christmas party season, there are so many Zara dupes too

WITH Winter well and truly here, we’re all looking to update our wardrobes. 

Thankfully one fashion fan has done her research and found the best bargain buys on the high street. 

Catrina Hogg regularly shares fashion content with her 72,900 followers
Catriona recommended this green dress as a dupe for the popular Zara satin wrap dress[/caption]
She also loved this duvet-style coat

Catrina Hogg, known online as @catrinahogg, regularly shares fashion content with her 72,900 followers. 

In her latest video, the content creator shares her latest finds in her local ASDA supermarket. 

It’s not the first time the influence has done a sweep of the clothing aisles – she’s even gained the nickname ‘the ASDA girl’ due to her love for the store’s George collection

“Guys, I’m in ASDA and they’ve done it again.


High street hunt

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“I shouldn’t be here. I’m about to spend all my money, but I need to show you what they’ve got in, and honestly, you’re not going to believe it.

“Can you believe what you’re seeing right now? Look at these. They’re so thick. 

“Look at this. I actually can’t believe it. It’s so thick. I’m going to try it on in a minute and I’ll show you guys in one of the mirrors because oh my god, I can’t.

“I’m going to end up bankrupt. 

“Then they’ve got this as well. I actually can’t cope. It’s so thick. It’s part of their Love 16 collection. I don’t know if it’s a new thing – I’ve not seen it before. 

“Then I know, I’m sorry this looks awful, but they’ve got these G2 leggings again, and they’re so thick. 

FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today

“I literally have this dress pretty much, from Zara, exactly the same. Like a satin material. You could wear that to a Christmas party, it’s unreal. 

“They have it in green too and honestly, this video is just not doing it justice but it’s so stunning.”

Catriona claims this is a dupe for Zara’s Short Satin Wrap Dress, currently available online and in-store for £32.99.

The Asda dupe, the G21 Green Satin Wrap Front Dress, is just £20.

“How cute is this knit? Honestly. It’s so nice, feels really thick. It’s like the one I got last year, it’s so nice. How many more bloody white cream knits can I buy? But I love it. 

“I’m obsessed with this as well. There’s barely any left, so obviously it’s popular. Really, really nice. I think you could wear it as a dress as well if you got it oversized, as it looks quite long, actually.  

“This grey knit it really nice, it would be lovely for layering. It’s £14 as well, which I think is so reasonable. 

“Then they’ve got it in this amazing pink as well. It’s stunning. 

“And they’ve got this amazing teddy coat and clearly it’s very popular as there’s only two left. It’s stunning. How many times have I said that in this video? But honestly, wow. 

“I love this. It’s like a khaki jumper with a hood, and it’s stunning. I feel like khaki’s really in at the moment. 

“This Christmas jumper is so cute. It says ‘Santa baby.’ I kinda love that, actually. I’m not really a Christmas jumper kind of person but I do like that.” 

During the two-minute, 38-second video, Catrina films herself trying on the Renew Capsule Cream Hooded Padded Jacket, now on offer for £32. 

“Sorry, I’m just going to take my duvet out for the day. I can’t even cope. I am obsessed. This is unbelievable like I’m sold. 

“Look at these leggings. They’re the Tickled Pink collection, [and] they’re literally £10. They’re so thick and they’ve got the seamless bit at the top. 

“They’re lovely, and they’ve got a matching top as well. That’s a lovely set. The top is slightly more expensive, it is £10.50, but honestly, that is really lovely. 

“Sorry but look at this dressing gown. I’d wear this out of the house. It’s lovely. You can’t really tell in this picture, but it’s like a charcoal, kind of grey undertone. It’s really nice.”

Fans loved the shopaholic’s haul, with the video gaining more than 11,400 likes and 256,000 views in 12 hours. 

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In the comments, Catrina’s followers thanked her for sharing her finds, with one writing: “Omg love this video that grey teddy coat I’m obsessed!!” 

Another said: “I have the black and the green dress!! So so nice and flattering on.” 

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