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I’m A Celeb’s Chris Moyles yelps as creepy-crawlies surge up his shorts in terrifying trial with Boy George & Babatúndé

I’M A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star Chris Moyles will be left yelping in tonight’s terrifying trial as he is covered in creepy-crawlies.

A preview clip ahead of the new episode shows the former Radio One DJ writhing around as bugs crawl up his legs and into his shorts.

Chris Moyles is seen squirming as bugs climb up his legs[/caption]
The celebrities are surrounded by creepy crawlies in tonight’s trial[/caption]

Tonight, Chris, 48, will be joined by his campmates Boy George and Babatúndé Aleshe for the terrifying Angel of Agony trial.

The trio will be locked inside an Angel of the North inspired structure, while they battle it out to win stars to take back to camp.

The celebrities will have to move stars from the bottom to the top compartment as they are doused in bugs and surrounded by reptiles.

A first-look clip at the horrifying trial sees the radio host yelping out as cockroaches cover his legs and climb into his shorts.


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“Oh, why did I wear shorts,” he can be heard saying, before shouting as bugs are poured out from above over his head and shoulders.

Elsewhere, Boy George, 61, is seen meditating and humming as he removes the stars from boxes of scorpions and snakes.

“Scorpions are my friends,” he can be heard telling himself, before handing stars to Babatúndé, 34, in the compartment above him.

It doesn’t look to be a smooth start for the celebs, as Babatúndé drops the first star back down to Boy George as he trembles.

It comes after it was revealed that three of the celebrities would be taking part in tonight’s trial – and not Matt Hancock.

The former Health Secretary took on SIX trials in a row after entering the I’m A Celeb camp before viewers finally failed to vote him in.

Fans at home thought they managed to “work out” how Matt avoided the latest trial after being voted in one after another.

He said during the show about the Bushtucker trial: “I’m growing in confidence. I shouldn’t say this, but I’m starting to look forward to them and enjoy them.”

One wrote: “Matt Hancock said I’m enjoying these trials on Celeb and people stopped voting for him! He’s a crafty s***e!”

Another said: “Matt Hancock saying he enjoyed and looked forward to the trials worked a treat.”

Someone else claimed: “lol matt lying saying he’s starting to enjoy them so that people stop voting for him.”

The former Health Secretary looked thrilled that he had been spared for the first time since entering the jungle.

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After revealing the news about who would be doing the next Bushtucker Trial, host Declan Donnelly said: “We get to see some new faces coming to the trial clearing!”

However some I’m A Celebrity fans are not convinced Matt avoided the public vote – and think it was stitched up.

They have claimed the vote was a “fix” after Ant and Dec revealed he wasn’t in the top three.

The celebs look terrified in a first-look clip at the trial[/caption]

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