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Joey Essex and Vanessa Bauer fuel romance rumours as they leave TV Choice awards in a taxi together

JOEY Essex and his Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer fuelled romance rumours after they were spotted leaving the TV Choice Awards.

The pair were spotted getting cosy together as they left the star-studded bash at the end of the night in the same taxi cab.

Joey and Vanessa were seen cosying up together on the red carpet at the star studded bash[/caption]
The pair beamed as they left the venue together in the same taxi cab[/caption]
Joey was seen being tactile in the lobby at the end of the TV Choice Awards[/caption]

Joey, 32 beamed as he departed the London Hilton on Park Lane with his co-star after the celeb filled awards ceremony.

The former TOWIE star was spotted getting tactile with the professional skater in the lobby of the venue, as he put his hands on her waist before helping her into a taxi.

Vanessa was all smiles as she exited the hotel to make her way down the street next to her reality TV competitor.

The pair were then spotted getting comfortable in a black cab before making their way to an unknown destination.



Joey Essex and Dancing On Ice's Vanessa Bauer cosy up at TV Choice Awards


Joey Essex kisses Dancing on Ice co-star just weeks after snogging Maura

This comes after the pair were seen cosying up together earlier on in the evening.

The soon-to-be dancing duo arrived at the TV Choice Awards at the same time, beaming as they posed for pictures on the red carpet

Vanessa showed off her stunning blue dress with a plunging neckline as she stopped for pics, before the former I’m A Celeb campmate joined her and placed a protective arm around her waist.

She responded by putting a loving hand on his chest as she cuddled into him.

The duo have been getting closer after being paired together for the upcoming series of Dancing On Ice.

Insiders say Joey, 32, and Vanessa, 26, have been flirting throughout their time rehearsing for the ITV ice-skating series.

This comes despite Joey locking lips with Love Island’s Maura Higgins at the National Television Awards afterparty at the end of October.

A source said: “Joey and Vanessa have grown close incredibly quickly.

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“Right now they have managed to keep everything professional but it’s safe to say they are both super flirty.

“They are going to spend a lot of time together over the next few months due to rehearsals so it’s easy to see how romance could blossom.”

The pair were previously seen getting closer during training, as Joey was previously spotted planting a kiss on the skating star.

Joey and Vanessa were pictured looking flirtier than ever as they left a training session for Dancing On Ice at an Essex ice skating rink.

The former Towie favourite wrapped an arm around his ice dancing teacher, leaning in to kiss her as she flashed a beaming smile and leant in towards him.

A source said: “They’ve certainly got close very quickly but maybe it’s no surprise – Vanessa is stunning and Joey has always been a charmer.

“As soon as he was paired up with her those who know him reckoned he’d fancy her like mad, and he’s clearly not wasting any time making a move.”

Joey and Vanessa left the venue together and got into the same cab[/caption]
Joey beamed as his professional partner joined him at the TV Choice Awards[/caption]
Joey and Vanessa have reportedly been getting closer during Dancing On Ice rehearsals[/caption]

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