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I’m an elegance coach & women always make the same five mistakes in winter that look so tacky – Xmas jumpers for a start

WITH the onset of temperatures dropping and mornings becoming more and more gloomy each day, it’s time to whip out cosy outfits to keep warm.

But one elegance pro is cautioning all fashionistas to be careful when shopping, as there are some wardrobe pieces that are beyond tacky – and it’s bad news if you like festive Christmas jumpers.

Antonia took to TikTok to list her biggest winter fashion pet peeves – is your favourite amongst them?[/caption]
They might get you in the festive spirit, but according to Antonia, Xmas jumpers do not belong in an elegant lady’s wardrobe

Antonia Higham, whose shopping and fashion advice has amassed her over 162,000 fans on TikTok, listed the five mistakes you might want to avoid this winter season.

Take a look to see if your favourite is amongst them…

First up in the now-viral video, the 24-year-old revealed, were a classic staple and favourite for many in the colder months – knitted jumpers with a Christmas print.

Whilst these might get your in the festive spirit, Antonia thought they were tacky and certainly did not belong in an elegant lady’s wardrobe.

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When it comes to coats, there are dozens of styles to choose from – and if you’re yet to find the one for this season, there are two types to steer clear of.

In the guru’s eyes, no classy woman will ever be seen out in public rocking shiny vinyl clothing – perhaps, it’s best you leave it for another occasion, such a disco party.

When shopping for coats, Antonia advised to look for ones with a more feminine shape – so if you’re a fan of long puffer jackers or the trendy varsity jackets, it’s time your change your wardrobe.

According to the 24-year-old, these are too ”masculine”.

For her next tip, the elegance enthusiast also suggested jumping off the chunky trainer trend – you might look stylish and up to date with the latest fashion, but will be miles off from appearing chic.

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Last but certainly not least, Antonia recommended her viewers to not layer with up cosy knitted scarves.

This, she explained, is because your frame will end up ”completely” drowning in them, especially if they’re on the more chunky side.

TikTok users flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tips – and it’s safe to say, not everyone will be following them any time soon.

“Leave my Christmas jumper alone. Christmas is my favorite and I’ll do whatever makes me happy. I’ll be sad and elegant after Christmas,” said one viewer.

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A second agreed, adding: “All but the knit scarf, I have seen some beautiful old Hollywood photos with oversized scarfs and it can be timeless.”

”Elegant ladies can wear anything and still be elegant . Open your mind,” a third suggested.

Antonia reckoned that your frame will end up drowning in these
As well as avoiding ”masculine” coats, the 24-year-old advised to not wear any vinyl clothing
Chunky trainers are also best to be avoided at all costs

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