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Glam World Cup fans BANNED from baring shoulders, midriffs and other body parts as they face fines & jail in Qatar

GLAM World Cup fans risk being slapped with huge fines or even put behind bars if they flash their shoulders or midriffs in Qatar.

The tournament promises to be like no other with strict laws governing Qatar that could come as a shock to visitors.

England fans must remember to keep their kits on and dress appropriately in Qatar[/caption]
A German supporter wearing a bikini in national colours at the 2006 World Cup[/caption]
Getty - Contributor
A female fan of Colombia at the 2018 World Cup[/caption]
Izabel Goulart, a Victoria’s Secret Model, blows a kiss during the 2018 World Cup[/caption]

Temperatures are set to soar towards a scorching 50 degrees – but fans must remember to keep their kits on and dress appropriately.

Despite the sweltering conditions, female supporters must be particularly careful about their clothing choices in the strict Muslim country – or they could face a hefty punishment.

According to Qatar’s legal code, things considered harmless in the UK like public displays of affection or wearing revealing clothes can be grounds for arrest.

Fifa has already warned fans that shoulders must be covered in public – and Qatar has its own set of strict rules for women in public places in the country.

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Although non-Qatari women don’t need to wear the abaya – the long, black robe – their tops must cover their midriff and shoulders, and skirts, dresses and trousers must cover the knees.

Women travelling in Qatar are also banned from wearing any tight clothing, or flashing any cleavage.

The World Cup website states: “People can generally wear their clothing of choice.

“Visitors are expected to cover their shoulders and knees when visiting public places like museums and other government buildings.

“Swimwear is allowed at hotel beaches and pools.

“Fans attending matches should note that the removal of shirts in the stadium is not permitted.”

It means blokes must remember they will not be able to go bare chested when the temperature becomes too much.

Men are allowed to wear long cargo trousers and light chinos – but they can’t wear jeans, athletic or chino shorts that don’t cover the knee.

And sleeveless tank tops and offensive slogan t-shirts are unacceptable.

With the fine for littering in the tournament standing at £2,400, fans who break the strict dress code could face some form of punishment.

Article 57 of the Qatari constitution states that those entering the country must observe national traditional and customs.

It says: “The respect of the Constitution, compliance with the laws issued by Public Authority, abiding by public order and morality, observing national traditions and established customs is a duty of all who reside in the State of Qatar or enter its territory.”

Fans should be warned that some places in Qatar will have stricter rules than others.

And security will be able to identify those who defy the dress code.

Fans must cover their midriffs and dress modestly during the Qatar World Cup[/caption]
A Costa Rica fan poses for a photo outside a stadium at the 2014 World Cup[/caption]
A glamorous Brazil fan during the 2018 World Cup[/caption]
Women will have to cover their shoulders and avoid tight clothes[/caption]
Fans of Colombia wait for the start of the qualification football match for Qatar[/caption]

Each stadium will have a whopping 15,000 cameras to monitor every fan’s move.

Chief technology officer Niyas Abulrahiman said: “We have high-resolution special cameras to zoom in on a particular seat and clearly see the spectator.

“It’s being recorded, so that will help us in any post-event investigation.”

Fans heading to the World Cup could also face prison time if they try to bring pork, porn or sex toys into Qatar.

The government’s official website has made clear to travellers how strict the country’s rules are with less than a week to go before the tournament.

Brits have also been reminded about the drinking laws in the country, with fans only allowed to drink in designated areas.

Travellers should also be aware that offensive public behaviour could land them in trouble.

The Foreign Office advice reads: “Swearing and making rude gestures are considered obscene acts and offenders can be jailed and/or deported.

“Take particular care when dealing with the police and other officials.”

Controversy has followed Qatar since it was awarded hosting rights of the 2022 World Cup.

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Activists and campaigners continue to voice their concern over the country’s record on human rights and views on homosexuality.

Qatar kick off the tournament when they play Ecuador in the opening game on Sunday.

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