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Our nightmare neighbour covers her driveway with pot plants and screams at us – we’re living in fear

RESIDENTS say they lived in fear of a nightmare neighbour who covered her driveway with pot plants and screams at them. 

They said pensioner Yvonne Rogers’ driveway was cluttered and like a forest, and said they felt sorry for her next door neighbour Janice Wright. 

Solent News
Residents said they lived in fear of a nightmare neighbour[/caption]
Yvonne Rogers faces a £30,000 legal bill after losing a case against her rival neighbour
Solent News
She had covered her driveway in pot plants and screamed at neighbours, residents said[/caption]
Champion News
Yvonne Rogers was locked into a decade-long neighbours dispute over the potted plants[/caption]

Rogers, 72, was given a £30,000 court bill after the saga in Portchester, Hampshire. 

One neighbour today said: “It was terrible, you could hardly get down there.

“She had pots with flowers everywhere, it was so cluttered. They were in the middle of the drive, they really were everywhere.

“It was a bit like a forest. It was terrible.



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We're scared to take our kids to school because of nightmare neighbours

“You really have to feel sorry for the neighbour [Ms Wright]. It must have been a nightmare to put up with.

“I would hear [Rogers] shouting, she would just be shouting.

“I would hear her shouting at her other neighbour about a fence that they put in – even though they told her they were going to do it.

“‘You bastard’ I heard her shout.

“We had the gasman here once and he had been in there and he told us he refused to go back in there. He said there was cat shit everywhere.

“Fifteen cats inside the house apparently. The gas man said there was no way he was going back in there.

“She knows what she’s doing. She was just trying to wind her [Ms Wright] up.”

The neighbour also claimed Rogers deliberately kept a car parked on the road outside her house to be a nuisance to other homeowners using their vehicles and driveways on the narrow street.

She said: “She kept it taxed but didn’t drive it and parked it right outside her house to make it harder for people getting in and out.

“Once she wouldn’t move it for an ambulance. They phoned the police on her.

“She’s the neighbour from hell.”

Another woman living on the road said she encountered issues with Rogers.

The pensioner said: “She was very rude to me. She parked her car so I couldn’t get past.

“Then I watched her as she went and put one bag in her house, come back to the car, go and put another bag in the house, and then came back to the car and moved it.

“I said ‘that was very inconsiderate’.

“She replied ‘you nimby people, you get on my nerves’.”

Other neighbours on the road told a reporter ‘we don’t speak to her’ when asked about Rogers, a retired taxi driver.

Today nobody answered when a reporter tried knocking on Rogers’ door.

The door to the house has been fenced off with a large padlock locking it up.

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Some neighbours said they haven’t seen her in months, however some said she is still living at the property but won’t come to the door.

Ms Wright did not answer her door and a neighbour said she had let them know she did not wish to speak to the media.

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