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Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth shows off new face after shock new surgery

LOVE Island star Hannah Elizabeth has shared a photo fresh from an operation for a ‘fox-eye’ lift. 

The original villa winner – who was crowned champion alongside Jon Clark back in 2015 – has jetted off to Istanbul, Turkey, to get her latest surgery. 

Hannah has shown the painful recovery process from her surgery[/caption]
The star wants to look like a Bratz doll

A fox-eye lift is designed to reshape your eyes, pulling them slightly in the corners to make them appear more almond-shaped. It’s believed the look makes you look more ‘youthful’. 

The star revealed the results of the look just three days after the surgery, with the sides of her face covered in surgical plaster as she posed for a selfie. 

Despite being in recovery, the 32-year-old star managed to look picture perfect with a full face of make-up including false eyelashes. 

She wrote alongside the pic: “Day 3 post op. Couldn’t be happier with my results. thank you everyone [at Serene Cosmetics] amazing journey so far.” 

However, just two days later and she was beginning to feel the nastier effects, sharing another honest post where she admitted her “entire face” had swollen up including her nose, lips and cheeks. 

The new procedure is the latest in a string of cosmetic surgery treatments Hannah has treated herself to, and she’s stuck to her promise by posting updates frequently on her Instagram. 

She also got a breast enlargement, 14 years after initially getting implants, sharing a photo in a supportive bra with a jokey: “Go big or go home”. 

“New breast implants after having the baby has really helped me fill out the loose pocket and also helped with my rippling,” she added.

“I’m blown away, I couldn’t be happier.”

However, Hannah’s been forced to defend her decisions after being targeted by online trolls.

Last week, after announcing her surgery, she said: “Sick of messages from vile, bitter women. Honestly, it’s disgusting.

“It stinks of nothing but bitterness and jealously, so please don’t comment on what I do with MY BODY. I’m a 32-year-old woman, not a young child.”

“Blows my mind how many women comment in the DMs yet wouldn’t dream of coming up to me in the street to comment,” she added. 

“My body, my face, and if I do say so myself, I’ve always done things nice to suit me. I can’t win.”

She later told fans: “On a nicer note thank you for all the LOVE. My inbox is flooded with questions I will be answering for you on here over the next few days. Lots of Love. 

“P.S. if you don’t like surgery you’re following the wrong girl (I’ve been like this since I was 18, my Playboy days) xxxx” 

Hannah has also declared she is “obsessed” with a Bratz-doll appearance – ​​an American fashion doll made by Mattel with long hair, exaggerated eyes and stylish outfits. 

This was later cemented in the latest pic, where she was seen in a Bratz t-shirt. 

Hannah came to fame on Love Island 2015[/caption]
The star has also had boob surgery as well as the fox eye lift[/caption]
Hannah has hit back at trolls who have mocked her surgery[/caption]

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New Honda Civic Type R review: Is it really better?

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