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The Masked Singer 2022: Who are the judges?

CONTESTANTS on The Masked Singer put on showstopping performances in an effort to impress the panelists.

Throughout eight seasons of the reality competition series, everyone from Kandi Buruss to LeAnn Rimes has tried to thrill The Masked Singer judges.

Jenny, Nicole, Ken, and Robin came together to form The Masked Singer’s judges’ panel[/caption]

Who are the judges of The Masked Singer 2022?

In November 2017, FOX began developing an American version of the South Korean reality show The King of Mask Singer.

In 2018, Crazy Rich Asians star Ken Jeong was the first celebrity to sign on to The Masked Singer’s judging panel.

Regarding the decision, Ken told Gold Derby: “When I was offered to be on it, I asked my mom.

“I’m of Korean descent and my mum still gets all her Korean TV shows via satellite.

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“She was like ‘you’ve got to do it. It’s a huge hit. It’s gonna help your career.”

The actor stated: “I’m not qualified to be on that show. I’m not a trained singer.

“So I was very loose about it. I felt I was the Homer Simpson of the show. The producers enjoy the stupidity I bring to the show.”

Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy were the next two stars to join the judges’ panel.

Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger was the last judge to come aboard the show.

Ken, Jenny, Robin, and Nicole returned for all eight seasons of the hit competition program.

Heading into season eight, Robin shared with Deadline: “The producers care so much about every season and every episode and making sure that it’s not monotonous and we offer our audience something special and original.

“You have to keep on trying to top yourself each year. Sometimes bigger is better.”

The incognito competitors will have to impress the panelists if they want to advance to the next round[/caption]

Who hosts The Masked Singer?

Season eight of The Masked Singer sees seven-time host Nick Cannon returning to emcee the series for another edition.

Cannon was first offered the hosting gig in 2018 and saw immediate potential in the show’s concept.

He revealed to Variety: “I thought that this idea is so crazy, it’s either going to be a huge failure or a huge hit.

“Luckily for me, it was the latter. But that’s confirmation of the type of creator and entertainer that I am. I’ve always been the sleeper-hit guy.”

How can I watch The Masked Singer?

The show’s eighth season is scheduled to premiere on September 21, 2022.

That Wednesday at 8pm EST, viewers can head over to FOX so they can have a look at the new roster of costumed participants competing for The Masked Singer’s grand prize.

For those that miss the initial broadcast, there are a couple of streaming options as well.

When the new episode concludes, audiences who missed out can head on over to Hulu or Fubo TV and view the latest episodes.

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