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Watch the heartbreaking moment Strictly’s Kym Marsh breaks down in tears after being fat shamed on TV

STRICTLY Come Dancing’s Kym Marsh burst into tears and stormed off camera when she was brutally fat shamed on national TV. 

In an unearthed clip of the cruel incident, Kym was told told “the goose has gotten fat” by Popstars judge Nigel Lythgoe before being ordered to lose weight. 

YouTube/ Freak Like Me/ Confessions of a 90s pop groupie
Kym Marsh was fat shamed on national television[/caption]
YouTube/ Freak Like Me/ Confessions of a 90s pop groupie
Popstars judge Nigel Lythgoe told her ‘the goose has gotten fat’[/caption]

Fellow judge Nicki Chapman then cruelly mocked Kym for eating “a giant box” of chocolates as she lay crying in her bed following the disturbing scene. 

Kym’s TV fat shaming happened after she had won a spot in pop band Hear’Say in 2001. 

In a follow up documentary about the group’s initial success, called The Hear’Say Story, Nigel was seen telling the then 24-year-old she was “fat”. 

Giving Kym and her fellow bandmates – Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw, Noel Sullivan and Danny Foster – a dressing down, Nigel told them: “You need to lose some weight. 


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“You’re going on show in six weeks from now. Six weeks. And I want you looking the best and feeling the best you can. 

“It’s alright saying, ‘Christmas was there’. But the goose has gotten fat.”

Looking shocked, Kym asks in the resurfaced footage: “Do you think I’m fat?”

Shockingly, Nigel tells the young mum: “I think you’ve put weight on over Christmas and I think you needed to lose weight before Christmas.”

Kym, now 46, looked distraught as she stood up and stormed out of the room, shouting: “You’re f***ing out of order.”

Recalling the incident for the documentary, she says: “And then we went in the kitchen and had a huge row that nobody saw. 

“We had a massive row about that and I shouted and swore at him.”

Footage is then shown of Kym wearing a dressing gown and crying in bed following the incident. 

“I haven’t got a weight problem,” she ranted to Myleene and Suzanne. “So I’ve put on a few pounds over Christmas – who doesn’t?”

Sobbing with rage, she stormed out of the room again. 

Popstars’ only female judge, Nicki Chapman, is then shown laughing at the distressing scene of Kym.

“And there’s this wonderful moment on the show where she’s moaning about Nigel,” Nicki mocks. 

“She’s lying in bed with the other girls, ‘It was directed at me’, really having a go back. And just beside her there’s a huge box of Roses!”

This Friday, Kym will make her Strictly Come Dancing debut. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she has recalled the horrific experience, insisting it has only made her thicker skinned. 

The star, who went on to play Michelle Connor in Coronation Street, said: “If you can survive what Nigel said to you, you can survive anything.

“I got called fat on national television when I was 24. It was outrageous. That’s probably the worst thing that could happen.

Read More on The Sun


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“The Strictly judges, we’ll be treating them with respect. The reason they’re there is because they’re professionals.

“If they tell me I’ve done something wrong, I’ll take it.”

YouTube/ Freak Like Me/ Confessions of a 90s pop groupie
Kym took to her bed after being ordered to lose weight[/caption]
YouTube/ Freak Like Me/ Confessions of a 90s pop groupie
Popstars judge Nicki Chapman mocked her for having a box of chocolates on her bedside table[/caption]
Kym is making her Strictly Come Dancing debut on Friday night[/caption]

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